WHR: Traveling Fun! (Not book related)


Hey folks!

You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here the last few days. No reviews, no promotions. Crickets! Basically, I went on a road trip with my mom. I figured I’d talk about it before I dove back into the normal stuff.

Let me just tell you, it was an adventure of epic proportions. We left on Thursday morning and just got back today. (Sunday.) It was a quick trip to pick up my nephew and get back so I could work. An eight hour car trip, through three cities that had gridlock traffic.

The fun thing about traveling, though, is all the things you see. The things you do to amuse yourself, and in my case, my mothers “moments”. I’m still laughing at a few of those. So let me start from Thursday!

Thursday, the butt crack of dawn: (Okay, it was 6 AM.)

We load up,  start off … and then get to the end of our dirt road, where my mom decides to repack the back of the car, which in the process of that, a HUGE horsefly gets in the car, chases me out of  it and around the car multiple times. Those things are vicious.

An hour down the road. Whoops!



Hour Two: Not stir crazy yet!

Hour Three: We made it to Texas! Oh look, there are … things. I’m not sure what other people do when they get bored on a road trip, but I count Swift trucks. I have for years. Also, my mother had a moment that had me rolling.


Yes, this was my FB status.



midnight mint
It was good but I still prefer Java Mint Chocolate Chip.

Hour Five: Road signs. Who else tries to pronounce the town names?


Hour Six: Almost to Austin! This happened way before but ya know.


You know what else was corny? This joke, but it amused us. 😀




Hour Seven: We are sitting in gridlock traffic in Austin. An hour away from our destination.


FINALLY We are there! That ends the first road trip at least. That night we went to eat at Zoe’s, and if you’ve never had it, but you love Mediterranean food, try it. I had grilled chicken kabobs with veggies, a side of fruit and some pasta. It was great! Yeah, no food pictures, I devoured that too fast. I zonked out maybe an hour after that.

Friday we got up and ran around with the boys, (I have three nephews down there.) my mom and I took the youngest two to lunch at Red Robin because I’d never had it before. I can’t say I recommend the one we ate at. Some people praise that place and I just wasn’t impressed.

I had an Avo-Cobb-O and the most disappointing thing you can do to a salad is put nothing in it but the close to the core yellow/white lettuce. (Salad lovers will understand this.) Basically, the place was keeping the green lettuce for the burgers, and the salads got the rest of it. I could have handled that, but the huge and I mean HUGE chunks of blue cheese that you’d randomly get in your mouth, and nothing else? That wasn’t so good. It masked the tasted of everything else, even the bacon that was on it.

We got back to my sisters after lunch and picking up groceries for dinner. One of my nephews asked me to play Just Dance 2016. I don’t even have words for this. So, you get a picture. A horrible, horrible picture of me, but I was literally sitting there asking myself, “What in the heck just happened here?”


Yes, I’m sweaty and gross in that, my hair is all over, my make up melted off me and yeah, it’s just a really bad picture but I don’t even care, it conveys so much. I’d tell you that was the end of it too, but he had me play Just Dance again with him the next day. I shook what my momma gave me and it shows in the amount of sweat pouring off me.

Saturday went like Friday, only we got In-N-Out Burger, which I hadn’t had in three years. My mouth was way too happy about that. I guess it’s a good thing the nephew drug me to play that game. It ended up being 90 minutes of it that time. He was wanting us to unlock all the quests on there. Me: Okay, wait. We’ll do this when you come back home. (Me to self: I AM DYING.)

Sunday (today): The trip home. I slept a lot, actually. Not sure if I caught a bug or what but my  brain just hurts. No appetite.

There was a child under a blanket in my back seat  trying to sing Celebration by Kool & The Gang. I recorded a video of it, but it’d take too long to upload just to show y’all. Needless to say, his lyrics didn’t match the song lyrics and went something like, “Celebration time, come on!” repeatedly. At the top of his lunch, with voices changing fluxes just for fun.

My phone kept going off with weather alerts for home. It was storming up this way. My mom almost drove us 200 miles the wrong way, and thankfully I woke up just in time for her to ask me and for me to reset the GPS. By just in time, I mean our turn was literally 2.2 miles away.

Oh, I got a picture of these guys going back through Austin. On the way down, I’d seen them and was all, “What the heck?” Then I realized what they were. They are also huge, and almost as big as the building.


We finally got back to where we were supposed to be, and on the back roads home. Weather looked like this coming off the mountain.


And coming off the mountain close to home.


Finally, we got home. I came in after hauling stuff inside and sat down to this. I don’t know how it happened either, because my computer has been off for four days.


It’s an odd one, but it’s fixed! Sort of. It has to do with Windows 10, actually and the connection just vanishing when it boots up. SO I booted my computer up about 10 times, then decided to just take it to the repair shop tomorrow. Went and watched Netflix instead of messing with it. I’m stubborn though, and I have stuff to get done. Reviews to write, promotions to post!

I’m stubborn though, and I have stuff to get done. Reviews to write, promotions to post! Not to mention my actual transcription job I need to get work done at. So I tried again, because what is one more time going to hurt? It booted up just fine. I’m still going to have to get it looked at, but at least I can work on it as long as I don’t shut it down for now. 😛

Anyway! That has been the last few days. Hopefully the long ramble has given you some form of amusement. Also, take a stab at trying to say that town name. 😉 You’ll amuse yourself. I hope everyone else had a great weekend and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads out there, even the fur baby dad’s!



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  1. Sounds like an interesting trip! I went away this weekend too and the funny thing is – my worst fear was coming home to my computer not working! It was off for three days and I was sure it was going to go on strike due to confusion! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amber says:

      Well, thankfully it didn’t. 😀 Mine is still being weird and I def have to take it to be looked at but at least it’s mostly working. Heh

      Liked by 1 person

      1. At least it’s mostly working. But still doesn’t sound good! I hope it’s a super easy fix!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Amber says:

        Not an easy one, but it can be fixed. We also pinpointed it to the power outage we had from a storm over the weekend. I guess it just made it go wonky.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Glad it can be fixed!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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