ARC Review: Pour Your Heart Out by Zoe Lee


Pour Your Heart Out
Author: Zoe Lee
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: September 15th, 2016
Published By: Foolish Endeavors, LLC.

WHR Synopsis

Chase Cade is as untethered as a kite without a string.

The minute she drives past the “Welcome to Maybelle” sign after six months traveling, she knows the quaint little town is something new entirely. It’s more than the good food and welcoming people — with the exception of the gruff bartender she meets her first night out.

Aden Riveau couldn’t be more rooted in Maybelle if he were an actual tree.

In a town that caters to tourists, his bar is the only place the locals have all to themselves. Everyone knows him and he knows everyone, and nothing spoils his peace more than having to deal with nosy, gawking tourists who don’t stick around.

She’s only in Maybelle for a vacation, and he’s never taken a vacation in his life. He can’t stop thinking about how different she is, and she can’t stop trying to figure him out. But her reservation has an end, and his never will, unless he can find a way to pour his heart out.




I hate to admit this, but I’ve been sitting on this book for months. It was one of those, I’m going to read that, and then things would go up in the air and I didn’t have a chance to. I’m very happy to say I finally got to it.

Pour Your Heart Out is the first novel I’ve read by Zoe Lee. It is a contemporary, standalone romance told from an alternative third person POV between the main characters. It does have an HEA and no, there isn’t any cheating.

I pretty much fell in love with the writing in this book from the get-go. Ms. Lee does a fantastic job with keeping you in the moment. It also doesn’t have a ton of random inner dialogue that doesn’t go with the story. I appreciate that beyond belief.

There was a really great dynamic between the main characters. It wasn’t the typical insta-love, insta-attraction. I mean, yeah, they noticed but it took more than one meeting. It made it feel real to me. You have a really grumpy hero, and a tourist heroine. They butt heads, and they miscommunicate, and there were times I had to wonder if the hero were really interested at all. Prickly, that’s what I’d call them both, but strong in their own ways.

You also have great co-stars in the book, ones who you don’t know if they’ll get a story too, but they are interesting enough to make you want to know about them as well. The hero has a large group of friends that have all grown up together, and they sort of adopt the heroine, much to the hero’s chargin it seems.

An extremely enjoyable 4 star to 4.5 star read and one I’d definitely hand to someone and say read it.


4 star

**ARC Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review.**


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