WHR Quick Update


I’m literally just throwing this up here, folks. Going to say this ahead of time so you can all laugh. I’m laughing now. The day before yesterday, not so much. I broke my toe. Legitimately broke it. How? Well … I’ve been in this Bikini Series Challenge for TIU (Tone It Up, look it up if you haven’t. It’s amazing.) and we’re starting week four on Monday. I’ve been loving it. Not to digress too far, I’d been working out and I set my weights down next to my yoga mat in the general area they go when I’m not working out. A few hours later, I come back and I straight up kicked one of them. Yes, I kicked a 5 lb weight, proceeded to scream like a banshee and bawl my head off. Simply put, it hurt. Typically I push them under my bed, and I had, but I apparently hadn’t pushed one as far back as I typically do because I caught the edge of it just right.

Today, my foot is black and blue, all across the top and down the side of it. The area under my toes is even colorful. I’ve been alternating ice and heat, hoping that would help bring the swelling down. It has and it does, until I let my foot hang down. Then it swells up huge again.

Why does that BS call for an update? Because I write my reviews the day I post them. While I love WordPress, I no longer trust WordPress to put out my posts even when I schedule them because it rarely works. They go out late, early, or not at all. Then when they do go out, they don’t cross post to Facebook and Twitter like they are set up too. That frustrates me, and so I do every single thing I post, the day of. Yesterday, I had three of them to review and I literally cannot sit at my desk for more than five minutes. I’ve even tried propping my foot up under my desk and it’s not helping. I don’t own a laptop, I tried it on my Kindle and my phone and let’s just call that a barrel of laughs.

I’m trying, though. Hopefully later today or tomorrow the swelling stops finally and I can get some work done. This is making me crazy, I can tell you that much. Just hang with me, I’ll have some of them out ASAP.

Oh, and if you want to see my foot, you can find my workout Instagram at wildhearts_ambs. It has nothing to do with books, though. I will just say it looks far, far worse than that picture if I have it down for long. That was propped up and had had ice on it for 45 minutes.

Anyway, sorry guys! I’m on it ASAP. Also, my birthday is today … I really shouldn’t give myself birthday presents like this, but frankly, I’m a klutz. I’m the girl that apologizes to chairs or other inanimate objects because she walks into them.



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  1. OUCH!! That sounds awful and really painful! I hope you have a speedy recovery. I’m so clumsy, I’m always hitting my little toe off of the edge of my bed/dresser/whatever. I hop around and MF a bit every time. lol. Feel better soon!

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    1. Amber says:

      Thanks! You nailed it, too. Was my pinky toe lol.


  2. Yikes!! Sounds like you REALLY broke it!! Poor thing! I hope it heals quickly!!

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    1. Amber says:

      Thanks! It’s actually better today and I have an appointment tomorrow for it. I’m crossing my fingers they tell me it’s not full on broken like I was originally told.

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      1. I’ll cross my fingers for you!!

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