ARC Review: Storm Crossed by Lesley Mitchum



Storm Crossed
Author: Lesley Mitchum
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal
Release Date: March 20th, 2016
Published By: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1682949656

WHR Synopsis

Lonely college student Camelia Garrett is struck by lightning in the midst of a pond. She awakens with acute sensory sensitivity and a bizarre ability to absorb electricity. A mysterious and alluring man claims to have the answers, but Cami is afraid to believe his wild tales about what she has become.

Christian Hartt is part of a secret organization of Storm Seekers-men enhanced by the quantum storm who travel the world using their enhanced strength and abilities to assist with storm relief. But his ordered world changes the moment Cami summons him with a wordless call; the Lynk that commands him with his life binds them emotionally.

It has been generations since there has been a female Seeker. As Christian and Cami try to find the truth behind being Lynked, and what it all means, they come face-to-face with the most dangerous rebel Seeker in the world. One who wants Cami’s unique power for revenge.




Storm Crossed is one of those books I let sit in my TBR pile for months. Literally, months. I don’t know why but I kept telling myself, “You need to go read that.” Then for some unknown reason, I was dreading it. At one point I started it, got about a page in and said, “No, I don’t want to read this.” I just wasn’t ready. I put it back on my TBR list and continued on with other things. Fast forward about seven months. Yes. SEVEN. I finally read it and let me tell you … I’m asking myself why in the heck I didn’t read this sooner. Oh, my God. Hands down, this book should be a movie.

I hadn’t read anything by Lesley Mitchum prior to Storm Crossed and I think that’s what fed into my anxiety about it. Typically, with a new author, I don’t have that issue but I -really- wanted to like this book. Well, I more than like this book. I’m completely enamored with the story, the plot and the author’s writing style. I want more. I want another book. I want a series. I did not put the book down once after I started it.

That being said. I don’t want to go into massive details about this book. The blurb is fantastic in that regard and I’m afraid if I give you more details it will take away from the story. I’d waiting so long to Storm Crossed that I went into it blind and I’m thankful for that.

A few things I will mention. This book is a stand alone but you will want more. I’m not exactly sure if it’s under new adult or young adult, I need to clarify that but it can definitely be read by anyone. I’d hand this to one of my baby cousins. In fact, I already plan to have both my mother and older sister read this.

A fantastic novel that will draw you in, and leave you wanting more. 4.5 Storm Seeking Stars


4 star

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