Random Thursday: So you want an ARC?


Random Thrusday

Hey, Guys!

Let me just start off saying, I had this scheduled to go up last week and for some reason, it didn’t. I’m having and have been having a lot of issues with scheduling and a few other things on WordPress lately. So, really sorry about that! Hopefully, it gets figured out soon because these aren’t things I can fix. Anyway,  on to the goods!


What is an ARC? You may be asking this. To a reader, book blogger, reviewer, etc it’s an Advanced Readers Copy. What does that mean? It means it’s a copy of the book that you get well before it’s released to the general public. Why do these exist? Well, the best way I can explain that is to say that it’s to get advanced reviews. Reviews create hype, it’s a first look and general look at how well a book may or may not go over with the public. (Don’t get this confused with Beta reading, either, but that is a completely different post.)

If you’ve never had an ARC or heard of one, this is how they work. Publishing companies or companies that work with publishing companies and authors (think promotions here), will sometimes offer ARCs. Sometimes you can sign up for them, it doesn’t mean you’ll get them, however. People say that ARCs are free and they are to an extent but when you get an ARC, you’re basically bartering. ARC for an honest review.

Where do you get your ARCs?

This is a question I get more often than not. This is my compiled list of where I tend to get ARCs from. (This doesn’t remotely include the authors that contact me personally about reading an ARC of their books.) These are my main two places.

NetGalley – Probably my go to when I want or feel like reading ARCs. You can sign up for an account, it’s free. Keep in mind, you’re better off to have a current blog, with a number of followers, and have already established that you post frequently. That still doesn’t mean you’ll get books you request to review.

Entangled Publishing – Ahh, I love these books. Seriously. If you’re looking to review for Entangled, they have a variety of books you can look into. From contemporary romance to sci-fi romance, and everything in between. You’ll need to sign up for their email and then watch for the email to come up. From that point, you can sign up for ARCs. Again, you may not get them. (Also they tend to work via NetGalley as well so you’ll want an NG account.)

Other places to find ARCs

A few other places to find ARCs. Remember, with some of these having an active blog is best but some will let you sign up if you run one off Facebook, Instagram, etc. These are also promotional sites so you may have to dig for the reviews. Some let you sign up for the promotions with the option to review. Sometimes there are only limited copies of the ARC, etc.

Xpresso Book Tours

Give Me Books

The Rock Stars of Romance – Commonly known as TSROR 😉

Tasty Book Tours

The Next Step PR

Love Affair with Fiction

Social Butterfly PR – SB is associated with PassionFlix. If you haven’t heard of that, check it out on Facebook!

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. I’ve worked with every single one of these companies and would fully endorse them.

I know some bloggers that review balk at giving away the “Secrets of the ARCs” but to be honest, there are enough copies to go around. There are enough books to read. I know I can’t read them all and sometimes there is a dang good book out there, by and amazing author and it gets completely missed. that’s a shame. Frankly, I wish to God someone had told me about the Land of ARCs when I first started blogging. I had to find it all myself. 😉

Happy Thursday!



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