ARC Review: Wanting it All by Christi Barth



Wanting it All (Naked Men #2)
Author: Christi Barth
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: August 9th, 2016
Published By: Loveswept
ISBN13: 9781101965214

WHR Synopsis

After narrowly surviving a bus crash in high school with his best friends, science geek Knox Davis resolved to become so successful that he could have anything and everything he wants. Now he’s über-wealthy, a huge business success, and a notorious ladies’ man. Knox refuses to limit himself to one woman, but when his latest conquest—a blond beauty from the Alaskan bush—challenges his superficial ways, Knox begins to see the world through her eyes, and finds he likes what he sees.

A nurturer at heart, Madison Abbott wants to put down roots. She left Alaska to meet Mr. Right—and to track down Logan, the half-brother she’s never met. Instead, she finds Knox. Although the sexy-as-sin bachelor may not seem like marriage material, Madison’s starting to think that Knox is The One. But Knox refuses to settle down, especially once he learns that Madison is his best friend’s little sister. Now it’s up to her to convince Knox that she’s everything he really wants.




Wanting It All is the second novel I’ve read by author Christi Barth. It is also the second book in her Naked Men series. The great thing about this one, it can still be read as a standalone. Mind you, I loved the first book, so I wanted to read the rest of the series, but you definitely don’t have to in this case.

It is told from an alternative third person point-of-view, there is no cheating and yes, it has an HEA. There is some really great chemistry in this book, and I will say up front, it’s steamy. Just like the first book, it is a great read.

Knox and Madison really hit it off. I’m not joking about that, I mean right from the get go. This was a bit of a different read as well because due to the circumstances surrounding Knox and his friends, and their past, Knox has made it pretty much a mission to enjoy life. That includes women, lots of women.

Madison is one of those characters you just love to love. She can come off sheltered and a bit naive if you don’t pay attention, but she also knows how to handle Knox very well. At first, I wondered if it was a bit manipulative on her part, the way she went about things. However, you find out her reasoning and it does make sense. Just like Knox’s does.

These characters both have issues, but they’re fun. They’re intelligent as well and their banter reflects that. Also, towards the end of the book, you get a lead into the next book in the series. I have to admit, I saw it and suspected it coming, but I still like the way it was handled.

That all being said, a wonderfully written continuation of the series for Ms. Barth. A four star read that I would definitely recommend.


4 star

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