Random Thursday: Does Size Matter?

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Did that title make you eye shift? Go hrm? Ask what? Maybe get this look on your face?

Where am I going with this? Well, actually, it’s not nearly what it sounds like. This week’s Random Thursday is actually about series size. 😉 I just really wanted to use that gif somehow.


Series Size

I’ve been thinking about this topic for awhile now. This is something I’m seeing more and more of, or just maybe I’m realizing that I personally read a few series that have many, many books in them.

To that extent, I wanted to open the topic up for discussion.

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Do you like series? Do you like standalones? Me, personally, I don’t mind either but if a set of characters catch me in one book, or someone stands out to me in a standalone, I do want a series. I want to know about that character.

When it comes to series size, how big is too big for you? Does it make reading the books daunting? Are you like I am, one of those readers if you start a series, you feel the need to finish it?

This is where it gets crazy for me because there are some series, while insanely good, that are extremely long. They’ve been going on for years. A few that I can name off the top of my head, that I read and have read for years. I’m not going to include book thumbnails like I typically would, and this will explain why. I will add the Goodreads series links, however.

These are definitely some go to series if you’re up for a reading challenge.

Lora Leigh’s Breed Series – I’ve read this since… I think I was 18 and they were on Ellora’s Cave. This seriously is probably my longest read, one that I’ve gone back to time and time again. It’s currently sitting at 30 books. 30 BOOKS. Due to the over-arcing storyline, the timeline progresses and because SPOILER, the breeds age slower than humans, 50 years is nothing for them, which means you can really combine so many things to keep it interesting.

Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark Series – This one, while not on the same level as the Lora Leigh’s Breed series size wise, is getting up there. IAD is currently sitting at 19 books. This is one of those series that I absolutely love and have since I started it. Which is something like 10 years ago now.

While you have werewolves, vampires, and witches, you also have valkyries, fey, demons. All of the Lorekind. I’ve had so many laugh out loud or nail biting moments with this one.  The title covers it though, Immortals, they don’t age. Nix will always be my favorite, though.  Just sayin’.

Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed Series – This one is about vampires but it’s done differently, which has kept my interest. This one clocks in at 15 books, currently. I’d love more!

I’ve heard some people try and compare this series to J.R. Ward’s Blackdagger Brotherhood series, but guess what, I’ve read both. I have my opinions on this and they’re actually really different. They just happen to both use the word Brotherhood to describe a group of guys. So, anyway, don’t let that put you off if you ever decide to try this series and read the reviews. Do you know how many books describe something as a Conclave?  😛 Ahem, I digress! Back to the topic.

The great thing about this series is that after you venture through … I think 7 books, you actually fast forward. That threw me at first, but then I loved it. I loved making the connections and it fascinated me. You start finding out things way down the line, about characters and things that before were on the outskirts but that make a huge impact later.

Evangeline Anderson’s Brides of the Kindred Series – This one is what actually sparked the topic of this week’s RT. I JUST finished reading the 13th book, and in fact, the 19th book of the series just came out on the 18th of March. This one is about … Aliens, sort of. It’s pretty fascinating and story heavy. One book will typically let you in on who the next book will be about. This definitely has to be one of my go to series, though. When I get in a book funk, or I just want something different, these have turned into some of my go to books.

Oh! I should add, she’s got a new series out called Alien Mate Index. Also worth having a look at.


There have been a few things I have noticed in regards to the larger series. They typically aren’t in the contemporary genre. I have a few that I’ve read in there that hit about 13 or 14 books, but nothing into the 20’s or 30’s. My guess is you see them a lot in paranormal, fantasy genre’s because you don’t need a definite age limit. At least, that’s my guess.

So, does size matter? To me, yes … BUT it depends on the author and the storyline itself.


Anyway, long post short here. I want to know if you think size matters in a series. Does it? What is your hard limit on series? Is this why you hesitate to read them or perhaps even dislike series? Do they get repetitive in plot for you?

When is big too big? When does it cross a line of, “Okay, I’m just not interested anymore.” Do you lose the storyline if it goes on for too long? What is your ideal size of series?

Actually, if you’re an author, I’m curious about your take on this too! 😀

Leave your comments, or feel free to email with answers. Also, I’d love to hear some of the longer series that you love to read. These aren’t all of mine but they are definitely some of the ones that have more books in them.

Happy Thursday!



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