WHR Update!

Hey, guys!

Going to toss this up here, because it’s 1:40 in the morning, and why not? 😛 To be fair, I’ve been on Pinterest looking for goodies to go with this update. So let me get to that first and then the links to the goodies will be at the bottom.

Where to start … Hrrm. Well, I got the Wild Heart Reviews bookstore up! It doesn’t have everything in there that I want at this point, but it’s a slow process. It’s up, though! You can find a link to it on the home bar. People so often ask me what I would recommend, or I’m getting messages asking me what to read. Well, if it’s in that store, I’ve probably given it a 5-star rating.

(This is also done via an Amazon astore. If you want to set one up for your blog, and aren’t sure how; feel free to message me. I’d be glad to help or answer questions about it!)

Promotions! This would be the key reason I’m posting after midnight. These are starting up again today. I’ve got a ton of book Blitz and Giveaway’s scheduled. Most of them have gift cards for Amazon, copies of the books, and I think one even has a bracelet! I’ll be doing more of these as the month goes on.

Random Thursday is going to start this week. I had planned to do it this last Thursday, but between the store and me getting caught up on ARCs, I decided not to push it. I want it to be a quality post, not something I just throw together at the last minute. I’m actually not sure what the topic will be. I used to write them down and draw them out of a hat at the beginning of the month, then write them out. I’ll probably go back to that. There is ONE of them that is in the works that I’m so excited over that I could burst!

ARCs – The pile is dwindling! I think I have something like five left on Netgalley and two from other places or authors who contacted. I’m literally trying to get through those as quickly as I can. I don’t know if I’ll take on ARCs after that for a bit. I still want to settle back in.

Reviews – These have been going! I have a pile of them I want to get to because I’ve loved the books and also a backlog of my Cambria Hebert books. Those I try to sprinkle in with the other reviews so not to overwhelm. She’s my favorite author, y’all. Penelope Douglas would be my second favorite. Funny thing is, I don’t have any Pen Douglas reviews on the blog and I want them on here! Trying to get to Punk 57 and Next to Never by her before Hideaway comes out.

Giveaway! – Next month (May) is WHR’s 2nd birthday. Now, last year, I’d had this exact giveaway planned and I’d run off and left the books at my nieces. Which was a six-hour drive from me. I have the books now that I’d intended to use, so look for that Giveaway. I’ll post a reminder at the beginning of May. It’ll be all month long!


Okay, chatter and babble aside. Let’s get to the goodies! I’ve been all over Pinterest and a few other places, personal blogs, etc. gathering the goods. I had considered doing this for last weeks RT but decided not to and just to throw it in with this update instead.

If you’ve ever seen the Vlogs of my book log, you’ll know I’m obsessed with planners almost on the same level as I am with books. I’m OCD about organization. One of the best parts of that is that I find all manner of free printables that book lovers can use.

I thought I’d share these in this update. I love them. I’ve actually posted some of the links on the WHR Facebook page already. Anyway, hopefully, you enjoy!

Free Printable Bookmarks that you can color!

These are by Dawn Nicole Designs. This lady is amazing! Seriously, she’s got all manner of goodies and freebies on her site. Aside from just these bookmarks, I would encourage you to check out her stuff.


Winter Bookmarks


Summer Bookmarks

(You can also get the digital color print she did of these!)


Fall Bookmarks

Dawn Nicole Designs has a ton of free coloring pages that don’t have anything to do with books. I personally love her Hocus Pocus book. If you are imagining what that is, you’re probably correct. 😉 P.S. She also makes cell phone case designs.

Random, yet interesting, things I found on Amazon

(You can click on the images for Amazon links.)


The first time I saw one of these, I wanted one. Mind you, it was in different colors. I should have gotten it then because now I can’t find it!


Call me crazy but I really want these. They are book ends. I have an obsession with owls. In fact, my office/bedroom is done in owls, book stuff, and circles. I must have these! They’d look awesome on top of my bookshelf.



They also have these but they only come in black and red. I want the sea green ones!


Folded book art. These amaze me. I’ve wanted one for a long while but I can’t ever find one I love enough to take the step of getting one. I’ve seen people’s names done like this, sayings, dates, etc. You name it. I’ve even seen a Harry Potter one.


You know how every now and then, you’ll see the list of banned books go around? This is a mug with all of them on it. 😛 I find it interesting. I know I read a few of those in school.


Some people really do collect spoons. I sort of love this one. 😉 (No, I don’t collect spoons.)


These pillows are actually pretty darn awesome. They have all manner of sayings on them in different styles. You can see them by clicking on the image if you’re interested in the other ones. 😉

Okay, folks, I think I’m done for the night. I had more but I think I’ll hold off on them. Oh! Also, if you’re wanting to do the coloring bookmarks, check on the Dawn Nicole Designs page for her suggestions on pens and paper to use on them. She has links to those for Amazon. No one wants ink from a bookmark rubbing off into their books. That’d be tragic.



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  1. Karissa Thorpe says:

    You’ve been busy. 😊

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    1. Amber says:

      I’m dipping my toes back in.

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