Book Log Update! (Plus other stuff)


Before I forget, I need to toss a note out there for this. My book log for September is done!! I’ve had people asking me about the vlog, so I felt I needed to explain. I haven’t posted a video of it for one very huge reason. I have no way of recording the video currently. Typically I use my mom’s camera because about a year ago I drenched my own camera in coffee. >_> Which had sugar in it. You can imagine how well my camera worked after that. I’m looking at options, including using my Kindle.

I actually have a video for my Romance Reveal Box, too, that I never posted. It takes almost a full day to upload on my connection. I did this, and then the video didn’t work. YouTube had expired the download, which was just odd. I mainly just need to get it uploaded to YouTube again, and it will be up.

Promotions will start showing back up within the next few days! Yes, I still mainly promote through 4 places however I’m always up for promoting indie authors. If you have info in the genre I review in, send it along and I’ll see about getting it up.

I’ve been quiet on the review front! That doesn’t mean I don’t have some done. I’m not sure what happened but I had them scheduled to go up and they never did. Probably user error on my part. (I’ll get some of those posted later today.)

That means I’m reading ARCs that I needed to get to, though!

FINALLY! My mom is done with her physical therapy from her full knee replacement surgery! That means I can funnel that time back into the blog. That time was what I usually spent on it, you would be surprised what two days a week can let you do. I still have transcription work because well, that’s my job. 😉 Outside of that, though, I’ll at least be able to get things squared away here.

Pretty much all I can think of for now! Have a great next week, folks! ❤



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