Mini update!


A few short things to toss out there. (Which I can hopefully remember all of.)

I have the vlog for my Book Log of August uploading to YouTube as we speak. I should have that posted to the blog either tomorrow or Thursday.  Yay for that! Somehow, I read a lot of cliffhangers last month. Many of them have me on pins and needles for the next books in the series.

I’ve been reviewing every chance that I get they just haven’t been posted! Many of them need little tweaks done to them because of my OCD, “It must all look right!” side. I’m blasting through ARC reviews which hopefully means I’ll start taking them again soon. I have taken a couple from some Indie authors but it’s a very select few. I know my limits!

Things are finally calming down in my house. Mom is now 5 weeks post op! (Full knee replacement for the random people popping in.) This means things are going back to normal. I’m still running her back and forth to PT twice a week, but we find out if she gets to drive soon on Tuesday. Next week should be our last extremely hectic week. This means I get more blog time! (I also get more work on transcript time so I can buy more books.) I have a whole week at this point where I get to just hang out, work out, make sure my mom doesn’t do anything too strenuous, write reviews and relax.

My Romance Reveal Book Box should be in by this Friday, or Saturday at the latest. I’ll have a vlog of that up also. I don’t know if I mentioned on here or not but I upped my subscription after my last box. I’ll be getting four books in it instead of two. Promise, there will be no army men war going on in the background this time. 😉

Watch for a very special post on (Hopefully) Friday. It has to do with Relay for Life and Cancer Survivors. I’m waiting on all of the info from my older sister before I post.

Topics for a Random Thursday post are  being considered. I’m not sure what I want to do it over at this point, I just know I want to do one. I currently have about five books outside of my ARCs that I want to review. I can’t get over some of these books! I’ve loved them, but ARCs and catch up come first!  It might be a post of Mini-Reviews on them.

Anyway! I hope you’re all having a fantastic week.

Happy Reading!



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