Library Wanderings! Mini Update!


Hey, guys!

Just going to update you on a few things. Let’s hope I can remember them all this time. 😉

Friday I’ll be doing a Library Wandering. Where I’ll be dropping my mom off for her PT appointment and then going to lose myself in the library. I realized that we got a new one in the next town over almost 3 years ago now and I’ve yet to explore it. I’ll have a post about that. There may be a video. I may actually be IN the video instead of you guys just hearing me. *gasps*

Tomorrow, I’m very possibly doing a RANDOM THURSDAY! The first one in ages. I’m still not sure over what and in fact, I rarely know until the day of what I’ll choose for the topic.

I also renewed my Romance Reveal Book Box!! Only I upgraded it this time and I’m getting FOUR BOOKS instead of two. I really loved it, you guys. If you love books, this is more than worth it to sign up. Expect another Vlog of that next month. (I think my box gets in around the 16th or 17th.)

I make no promises, but you may be seeing more promotions for indie author books. Why? Well, because I prefer to support the indie authors where I can. (If you have promos you want me to considering putting up here, give me a yell. No, not really, just email me!)

Last but not least, more reviews coming. I know I did a short one the other day and I’m still working on more. Just doing them as I get time between transcriptions jobs. I have a LIST of the ones I’m currently working on, already drafted up. That’s one step closer to done with them.

Happy Wednesday!



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