Subscription Boxes and More!


Hey folks,

What does a book reviewer do with free time when she hasn’t had a lot of it recently? She reviews! Plus a mini update is being thrown in here.

Tomorrow, I’ll be receiving my very first Romance Reveal Book Box in the mail. I plan on doing a video unboxing video of it. Since it takes forever and a day to upload it to YouTube, I wouldn’t expect it until the 18th on here.


Have you ever heard of Romance Reveal Book Boxes? If you haven’t and you love romance books, you should travel over to their website. For anyone who hasn’t heard of these, think of Loot Crate, Owlcrate or all of the subscription boxes that you see on Facebook ads these days.

How it works is that you subscribe. You have your choice of boxes as well. I chose the one with 2 books, book swag and a sample product in it. Let me be very clear here, you do not know what books are in these boxes. It is a surprise, along with the swag and the sample product. You can, however, look on the website to see the contributing authors. I loved the idea because it is a way for me to expand on the authors I do read.

It was $24.95 and it didn’t go over $30 with the S&H. It is also 3-day priority shipping, however, they send it out on the 15th of every month. I’m already getting notifications that mine will be delivered today (It’s the 16th.), I just can’t pick it up until tomorrow from the PO. You also have the option of a one-time order for $12.95 plus S&H.

If you’re interested in it, head over to the website but be aware that spots are limited. They only do so many of these a month. You may have to go on a waiting list to get a spot. All of the information is in the FAQ.


I have free time today!! My sister took my mom to her PT appointment and transcriptions are slow. I’ll be working on reviews! I’m so excited about it that I could practically jump off the walls. I’ve read so much lately that I haven’t gotten to review. You know how it is when you love books and you want to tell everyone about it, just haven’t had the chance. It’s that or talk to anyone who is actually interested in the books that you are. First and foremost, I’m going back to review the ARCs on my plate and what I already had set up. Hopefully, that means 3 reviews today. (I already have drafts set up.)

Finally, I’m still putting up notes on what I do read on Goodreads. I’m also still working on the book log! Hoping to get you guys a mid-month video up for that soon too.

I hope you’re having a fantastic August so far!



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