A Book Log! (Video Post)


Hey Loves,

Long time no post. At last for me anyway. Things have still been busy around here although hopefully slowing down soon. There are going to be a few changes, however, for the next few months. Let me go into that.

First up; check out the video I’m posting on here. I’ve made myself a book log out of MAMBI’s new horizontal Happy Planner. If you guys want links to that, give me a yell, or Google Happy Planners. I’ll get some links in here ASAP. I will also attempt to get a list up of the books in the video, but no promises at this point. Be warned, I’m outside filming this, I live in the boonies, you hear outdoor critters. Also, me moving the metal chair next to me. (No, I’m not in it, unless you count my hand. 😛 I’m still in my pajamas. )

Second; I’m going to apologize in advance for the YouTube channel. I haven’t made it all fancy yet, or artful, but it will eventually match the blogs layout.

Finally; I also need to apologize for how fast I talk. I grew up in CA, y’all. Believe it or not, and I used to try to talk faster than the guy that did the Hot Wheels commercials. (You know, the one that reads the fine print.) It created a bad habit. I’ve attempted to speak slowly in the video. I don’t know if I achieved that. If this goes over well, let me know. I’ll be doing more of these videos over the next few months.

EVERYTHING ELSE – A mini update:

My mom has knee replacement surgery on the 8th of August. Yahoo! This is a good thing. It does mean, though, that I will have even less time then I do currently. She won’t be able to drive for the next two months, has PT twice a week, and everything else she needs to get to. That means, on top of me working, I’ll be doing everything she needs to do.

You guys, I never realized how much free time I had until the last few months. I just thought I was busy, I’ve since been corrected. Anyway, in the video I talk about working on transcriptions (I mention it, I don’t ramble on.) which I sit at my desk about 9 to 12 hours out of my day doing, currently. The last thing I want to do is spend more time on the computer.

This is where the videos come in. I’m going to try to do video reviews for the next few months. It might get a little crazy, but I refuse to let this blog die. I’m also having major book review withdraws. I see this as a middle ground. We’ll see how it works out.

Let me know what you guys think. Comments, all that are welcome.




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