WHR Blog Update 6/3/16



Some of you that are regulars on here may have noticed I’ve been off for about a week now. Just a heads up, reviews are getting done, promos will be up soon. I took some me time, however, and it was needed. I’ve been hiding away in my bed, binge reading Penelope Douglas’s Fall Away Lane series (Well, okay, the last three books.). If you haven’t read it, get on that. It is AMAZING.

Anyway, things will still be slowish for another week. I’m catching up on things, reviews, promotions, WHR email getting switched over to a new account (Most things are currently in two places and never at the same time, it’s making me nuts.), getting stuff scheduled, but mainly I’m trying to get some oomph back. I’ve posted about things going on before but basically, it’s like this. I had a checkup at the doc’s office for ongoing things from last August that we still haven’t figured out. I had to get blood taken once again. The last few times I’ve had blood taken, I get extremely run down and stay in bed mostly for about a week or so after.  This isn’t ideal but it is what is happening.

I also wanted to note again, for anyone who hasn’t seen the Queue To Review update, that I’m not taking on ANY ARCs until after the 15th, or until my pile gets smaller again. To where I feel it is manageable, at least. I’m a perfectionist who hates telling someone I’ll do something and then being late with it, or even worse, not doing it.

Thanks and I hope everyone is having a great first week of June as well as had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


P.S. I didn’t forget about my Spring TBR either. It will be updated today or tomorrow! Depending on how long it takes me to update it. The first day of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is June 20th! So I’ll have my Summer TBR up there. 😀



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  1. Karissa Thorpe says:

    Enjoy your ‘me time’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amber says:

      Thanks, sugar! 😀


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