Review: A Fresh Start by Lexi Bissen


A Fresh Start (Second Chance Boys #1)
Author: Lexi Bissen
Cover Model: Josh McCann
Genre: Romance, New Adult, Young Adult
Release Date: April 26th, 2016
Published By: Lexi Bissen
ISBN13: 9781532854880

WHR Synopsis

Famous bad boy with tattoos, a lip ring, and piercing green eyes? No sweat.
It’s not like he’s special.
Except he is.
It’s not like he’s over-the-top gorgeous.
Except he is.
And it’s not like I have zero self control.
Except I don’t seem to around him…

Ronnie Hamilton has no interest in the men at her school. Being from a small southern town, they all live and breathe football, and she gets enough of that from her brothers and dad. The last thing she needs is some guy sniffing up her alley, especially when it’s her senior year of high school and she doesn’t plan on sticking around long after graduation. But then he walks in.

Gibson Mitchell is in hell. Given two choices, he decided Freedom, Alabama had to be the better option, but after spending a few days in this town, he realized maybe the people aren’t so different than what he’s trying to escape. So used to LA socialites and gold diggers with fake tans, daddy issues, and a price to sell even the lamest of gossip, Gibson isn’t sure he can trust anyone. And then she caught his attention. She’s beautiful, down to earth, and best of all—she’s genuine.

Ronnie is focused on chasing her dreams and becoming her own person, but will fear of her parents’ rejection hold her back?

Gibson is determined to change his course in life and make a name for himself, but will his past continue to define him?

Brought together by a term paper and a soul deep attraction, will the judgment and opposition surrounding their potential tear them down before they have a chance to begin, or can they be each other’s Fresh Start?




I’ve been absolutely enamored with this book since the moment I stuck my nose into it. A Fresh Start is the debut novel from author Lexi Bissen. As part of her Second Chance Boys series, it is more of a young adult romance, than a new adult, but you do get a new adult feel in it. (As in, it reads more mature, but is more focused on plot than any hanky panky going on between the characters.)

Exceptionally well written from an alternative first person point-of-view, it can be read as a standalone but there will be other books to follow in the series. There were actually a few moments while reading this book that I full on giggledsnorted out loud. Yes, gigglesnorted. It does have an HEA, and no cliffy.

Ronnie and Gibson stole my heart. Ronnie is a girl growing up in a small town, trying to find herself. She’s trying to stand up for what she wants and figure out how to go about getting it, without hurting or alienating her family… whose whole life is football. Gibson on the other hand, is a guy trying to find a second chance. He’s working at a new life for himself, sort of a self renaissance. An enlightening and growing period for himself. He never expected Ronnie to waltz into his life.

“Gibson just walked in. I can feel him. Like my body knows he’s here.” – Ronnie, A Fresh Start by Lexi Bissen.

I cannot even stress enough how well developed these two characters are. You get their depth of emotion, and understand their feelings as they work through them. If nothing else, this is a novel about growing up, changing, and learning to embrace your true self.

“I never knew the Hollywood Gibson, and I’m thankful, but the Freedom Gibson is someone I could see myself falling in love with. And that thought scares the crap out of me.” – Ronnie, A Fresh Start by Lexi Bissen.

Aside from the main characters, you have some fabulous co-characters in here. Allen is one you’ll be enamored with from the start, and probably burst out laughing at. I will never hear a Katy Perry song the same again. Ever.

Don’t roll your eyes at me, Princess. I was only giving you a compliment.” – Gibson, A Fresh Start by Lexi Bissen.

The author also does a fabulous job of leading you into the next books. It’s almost seamless how she weaves in just enough to have you curious about the other characters and their stories. I won’t tell you more about that bit, but I can promise that if you read A Fresh Start, you will want to know. I have a list of at least three of the co-characters that I’m dying to know how things turn out for them too.

Ms. Bissen couldn’t have written a better debut novel for herself. A full five stars from me, and I’m excited to see what else she comes out with!


5 star


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