WHR Status Update!


Status Update


A-to-Z Challenge:

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

Whelp, Folks…. I’m a quitter. I’m pulling out of the A-to-Z Challenge, which I was very determined to finish. There is a huge problem with that, however. I’ve been so focused on getting the daily posts done for that, that I haven’t been writing reviews. Considering that is what my blog is primarily about, those not happening is a problem for me. Sometimes, you have to know when to say no, and too much is just too much. You have to learn to pick and choose your battles in life, what is worth it to you, and what is not…. and this is one I’m just going to have to let go.

I had an absolute blast doing the posts but was also stressing myself over them. I wasn’t reading, I haven’t been reviewing, and with everything else going on right now, I frankly don’t have the energy to do it. In fact, I was going to make this post three days ago and am just now getting to it. I may try to do this again next April, but if I do, it’ll be done way in advance and scheduled better.

Random Thursday:

Random Thrusday

On the plus side of all this. The topics that I didn’t get done, I’m going to turn into Random Thursdays! So that they still have a place and are something you can find on here. I wracked my brains for those topics, so I really do want to do them. Just more as I have time, not a panic feeling of I have to get this done now.

Changing Things:

You may have noticed a change to my review layout. It’s just the graphics, I promise. Everything else is still the same. You can still find the author, goodreads, series, and buy links as before. 🙂 The background color also changed to match the heading graphic. Little things, not huge things that most people would even notice.

Things that are still on the way:

Bookstore – I need a name and time!

Indie Author List – Yup, I’m taking the I and turning it into something, but it will take awhile.

Signings List – Something I hope to keep up to date, but I know these are hard to find at times.

I can’t remembe anything else right now and I’m going to go dive into the pile of reviews I need to get done!



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  1. I.L. Wolf says:

    Well you can’t get all of the things done at the same time. It’s a scientific fact proven by science!

    The challenge is for fun, and when it stops being fun…sometimes the better thing is to know when to call it.

    A Bit to Read

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amber says:

      I completely agree with you there. It is still fun, but not something I can exactly fit in right now. Too busy trying to pack a house up, and chase after a kiddo, on top of doing all the other blog related things.

      Sad that I had to call it, but I know it’s for the best.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I.L. Wolf says:

        Wow! You are packing up a house as well?! Unless you are currently wearing a cape under your clothes, or had a brush with a radioactive ladybug or something, I don’t know how you would have managed it all!

        Good luck with everything, it sounds like a very exciting time 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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