Status Update (Again) A-to-Z Challenge Letters I, J, and K!


A2Z-BADGE [2016]


I hate to say this but I’m still working on letter I. Due to that, I’m going to give you all the topic headers. I’m also still working on it due to driving 6 hours yesterday (Which was letter J.) then had to set up my temporary office. I’m hoping to have all of these done by tonight. J and K aren’t to indepth but letter I is still taking me awhile.

Problem with that, my niece has Time Warner internet, and it keeps going out on us. We can’t keep a steady connection.

Letter I – Indie Authors <— Yup, you heard it! I’m doing that over Indie Authors. Yes, the self published authors. I’m listing websites, some books, Goodread links, Amazon links.. it’s indepth and I have over 30 authors on this list. (I’m going to keep this list, because I want it as a reference for others looking for authors and new books, hence the indepthness of it. It will also be added to.) Also, see the issue here? I need internet to get all the links that go to this! AHHH!!

Letter J – Journey <— This is over basically the blog temporarly relocating for 2 and a half months. I’ll explain more in that post, and include pictures of the temporary office!

Letter K  – Kindle! <— It’s over the Kindle, some of my likes and dislikes with it, and just general things!

So that is it in a nutshell, and as I’m typing this status update up, the internet is still having fits and not even wanting to save the post. It is trying though! Anyway, things will be up ASAP and hopefully I can get my stuff done! Even if I’m behind, I will finish this challenge.



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