Random WHR Update!


Let’s Get Updated!

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to toss out a blog update, there hasn’t exactly been one in a wee bit. 😀 We are almost at the year mark for WHR. I actually am having a hard time believing that. I’m slower than usual these days, but that’s due to a gnarly case of bronchitis and a URI (upper respiratory infection) that will not go away! I’m working on it!

If you’ve been following for awhile, you’ll know that some things have changed. I’ve expanded, I’ve taken on co-bloggers, you’ve been seeing more promotions, blitzes and giveaways along with the reviews. This will all continue. I figured I’d post a list below of what else is coming since I haven’t for awhile.

Upcoming Wild Heart Reviews Goodies:


I’m opening a bookstore here on WHR for what I have read, recommending, etc. It is taking a few to get it up and going but I’m hoping to have it up by the end of April. I’m extremely excited about this. Do I have a name for it? Nope, still working on that!

Weekly Recap

I’m starting a weekly recap of new releases! I used to do a new release post on everything that had come out, every week, but it became a huge project. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make that less time consuming, while still being able to do it.


Random Thursdays – I get asked about these probably more than anything else. They are fun, and something I truly love to do! Yes, they are still around, but I’m making them truly random. As in, they’ll still pop up on Thursdays, but not every single Thursday anymore. I would love to do them EVERY Thursday, but it just hasn’t been possible.


Going to keep this going, I love it and it lets me have a huge list of what I’ve read! (That I don’t need to go to Goodreads for.) Spring is coming up! So expect to see a new TBR (To Be Read) list on the 20th or 21st. Yes!! I’m also updating the Winter TBR before the Spring gets made. 😉

Everything else

  • Considering changing the blog theme/colors. A basic overhaul to get more organized. (Considering, not doing at this time.)
  • WHR is participating in an A to Z challenge for the month of April. Theme will revolve around books.
  • Bookhaul posts coming up! I’ve been hitting the bookstores for print copies of books I love. This also means giveaways for them!
  • Articles related to books, book things, programs I use to help run the blog, etc.
  • Monthly book recaps with ratings – I keep trying to do these and stay on top of them, but for some reason the month escapes me and I’m left wondering where it went. I may just do away with them and do something else in the place of them.


That is about all there is, folks. I’m probably forgetting somethings but if I have, they’ll come up later. Gary has projects going on, with reviews in the works, and J.J. has her blog up as well. (Check it out if you have a chance!) Hope you’re all having a great March and thanks for reading!



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