ARC Review: Best Friends With Benefits by Candy Sloane


Best Friends With Benefits (Most Likely To #1)
Author: Candy Sloane
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: March 14th, 2016
Published By: Entangled Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 1633755789


Valerie Barkin and Alec Rogers survived bullies, awful parents, and seriously shitty social standing the only way best friends can—together. But with the unexpected sexual tension suddenly flaring between them, surviving their ten-year high school reunion might be a different story…

Val hasn’t changed. She still feels like the stringy-haired band geek the popular kids teased, but Alec has definitely changed. He’s now the front man for the Grammy-winning rock band Chronic Disharmony, with the sexual reputation to match. And he’s more than willing to help Val rock the reunion.

And then it happens—a drunken game of Seven Minutes in Heaven—and their fourteen-years-long foreplay comes crashing to the forefront…changing everything.

Seven minutes turns into a weekend of mind-blowing, no-strings-attached sex. But these best friends won’t be able to leave their hearts out of it forever, not when the most meaningful benefit could change their relationship for good….


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Did you ever play Seven Minutes in Heaven when you were growing up? What if you got stuck in a closet with your best male friend? That is actually what happens to our hero and heroine in Best Friends with Benefits by Candy Sloane. Typically this is the point when I would tell you that the cover is what jumped out at me, but for this book, it’s not. It was the synopsis. I already love a good friends-to-lovers book, but this one took it a step further. You throw in the adolescent games that you played growing up so that you could have an excuse to be close to your crush, without admitting anything, and it almost puts a forbidden twist on it. Fast forward ten years, and realize that they folks are playing this at their high school reunion! While drunk. That made for a mix that I just had to read.

This is my first book by this particular author and I quite enjoyed it. The storyline was engaging, the writing was well done and it moved at a good pace. There were also parts in it that I burst out laughing. They were somewhat immature but given the context they truly worked. You felt the chemistry between the main characters and you got a good feel for the supporting characters as well.

Overall, it was a vastly entertaining read and I would fully recommend it!


4 star

Entangled Review


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