ARC Review: Romancing the Ranger by Jennie Marts


Romancing the Ranger
Author: Jennie Marts
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: March 14th, 2016
Published By: Entangled Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 1633755762


She’s getting out of the city and into his heart…

Reese Hudson meant to destroy mementos from her last failed relationship, not burn down an outhouse and incur the wrath of a sexy park ranger. When the judge rejects her offer to pay for the structure and sentences her to rebuild it—with the hot ranger supervising—she embraces the challenge to take control of her life.

Park ranger Wade Baker wants nothing to do with the rich city girl, no matter how tempting he finds her lush curves. She’s too much like his ex-fiancée, and if he’s learned anything, it’s that women like Reese don’t fit into his world. And he sure as hell wants no part of her big city life.

Reese may not know a hammer from a screwdriver, but she’s working hard to prove she’s not just some pampered princess to be toyed with. And damn it if Wade doesn’t admire her tenacious spirit. If only they got along half as well outside the bedroom as they do in it, there might be a chance for them after all…


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Romancing The Ranger by Jennie Marts is one of those books I picked up because the synopsis made me laugh. No, really, in this case, I giggled and thought, why not?  It is a full-length novel, with an HEA and no cliffy. Also, it is told from an alternating third-person point of view.

Let me break this one down for you. Have you ever been so ticked at an ex that you just want them gone? You want to cut up photos, get rid of them somehow. In the case of our heroine, Reese, she decides to start a camp fire and burn them. What could go wrong?… Oh, just about everything, apparently. Her mini ode to singlehood somehow turns into a raging inferno, which decides to catch the park outhouse on fire and it is all during a burn ban. Oops. While reading that synopsis, all I could think of in my head was this woman, shrieking and waving a tea towel. (It didn’t happen, but that is my mental image for you.) You now know where the giggling came in. Mind you, don’t let that have you thinking badly of Reese, she has backbone and is a great female lead.

Just about the time the whole outhouse structure is falling over, our hero shows up on the scene. Man-oh-man is he angry too. Park Ranger Wade to the rescue. He gets the fire out, but he still makes Reese go to court. The man has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to women larger than a hidden iceberg. What he didn’t expect was to run so hot when it comes to Reese that the chemistry is enough to melt before mentioned berg. I was it stitches for most of the book.

These two characters made for a fun and engaging story. I would have given it a four, but it is sitting at a solid 3.5 for me. The biggest reason why, and it mostly has to do with me, nothing else. I cannot hear the name WADE and not think of Cry Baby. Really, I wish I jested. The hero’s last name being Baker was so close to Wade Walker for me that every single time I read his name, I’d start repeating Wade Walker in my head. I would say it added to the humor of it all, in some ways.


Walker, Wade Walker

See what I mean? 😛 Anyway, solid book, great story, and enough humor to keep you completely engaged. Fully recommend it!


3 star

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