ARC Review: Dream With Me by Elyssa Patrick (With Me #4)


Dream With Me (With Me #4)
Author: Elyssa Patrick
Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
Release Date: March 17th, 2016
Published By: Elyssa Patrick


There are a few things I, Evie Hart, thought I knew for sure:

1. That I hated Griff Sinclair ever since that night. You know, the night where he totally pulled a Mr. Darcy on me at the dance.

2. That Griff Sinclair hated me. I mean, seriously, would it kill him to smile at me. Just once.

3. That my life plan for post-graduation was golden.

4. That I knew exactly what I wanted.

5. And none of that included Griff.

But everything I thought I knew is thrown out the window by the biggest surprise of my life. All it takes is one touch, one kiss, one night . . . that leads to so much more.

I need to know what Griff means to me, what I mean to him, and what really happened all those years ago. If we even have a future together. And I need to figure it out before we graduate in seven days. Before I move out of Vermont, hundreds of miles away from Griff. I’ve taken risks, but this might be the biggest gamble of my life.




The reviews have been all over the board on this one. For me, personally, I absolutely loved Dream With Me by Elyssa Patrick. So much so, that I want to go back and read the first three books in the series. Yeah, you read that right. I haven’t read them. Which means that yes, this one can fully be read as a standalone.

Dream With Me is written from a first person point of view, and it does have an HEA. It is what I love to term as an enemies to lovers plot. This one had a special twist however, and that is exactly what sucked me in via the synopsis. Our heroine Evie, claims that our hero, Griff, pulls a Mr. Darcy on her at a dance. The thing is, he does! From that point, I was hooked. I wanted to know what happened between these two characters.

From the get-go, the chemistry here is off the charts, and I may even want to note that it’s got a high heat rating! It’s steamy! The story itself sucks you in, it’s well done, well paced and for me, was a total page turner. I didn’t put it down until the book was finished.

What you also get from this one, if you’ve read the first three books… is an extended epilogue. I was a bit thrown off by this, but it was still nice to see, even if I hadn’t read their books. You get to find out where -all- of the friends are from this series, plus they show up in this book as well.

I have a very firm 5 stars on this one, and I will be going back to read the rest of the books in this series. I’m also pretty sure I’ve found a new author whose writing I really enjoy! So, kudos!


5 star

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