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Random Thrusday

Hey Folks!

Special treat for you this week with the Random Thursday, aside from the fact that I’m starting them again. 😉 We are doing the topic Books That Have Become Movies or Series. Does this mean I think the book was better than the movie or vice versa? On my part, no. This is just me pointing out books to movies/series that I’ve seen or read, or both. I tried to keep them in the romance genre, since I write romance reviews, but that didn’t happen. So you’ll see a bit of everything!

However!! On this post, you’re going to notice a G under some of the movies. That would be my good friend Gary’s POV on the book to the movie. You’ll notice that some of them he rants about, some he likes, some he hates, some he hasn’t seen… I just get a good kick in the pants out of listening to him debate which was better, the book or the movie.

This is by no means a complete list. There are so many movie adaptations of books out there, that we could go on all day. Feel free to comment with ones you can think of!

Hope you all enjoy and have a great Thursday!

~A, and apparently G this week too. 😛


The Movies We Know Are Romance:









Pride and Prejudice –

I went with the 2005 version of P&P. Why? Because it’s possibly my favorite one out there. I’ve seen it countless times, and tend to just stop what I’m doing when this one is on TV.

G: Pride and Prejudice this is a book that has been made into a movie/tv series several times. and each time a lot of liberties have been taken to describe charactes in the ways the reader envisioned them, this is different in my opinion than some book to movie experiences because in many ways with the exception of mister Darcy and Elizabeth, and the rest of Bennet household the character descriptions are kind of vague. my personal favorite rendition of the movie starred Keira Knightley.

A: At least we agree on the favorite rendition of it!

Romeo Juliet








Romeo & Juliet –

Who could forget 1996’s Romeo and Juliet? Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes? I’ve seen many versions of this movie, but again, this is by far my favorite one. It possibly has to do with the fact that the movie came out when I was in Jr. High.









Wuthering Heights –

You may wonder why I went with this version of Wuthering Heights.  Simple really, it’s the only one I’ve ever seen as a movie. Although to be fair, it was a two part mini series.









Gone With The Wind –

Ahhh this movie though. I saw the movie years before I read the book. GWTW is about so much more than a love between two people. It’s a love of land, country, ideals. I’ve also never read the sequel, which apparently there is one? So who knows if Rhett ever gave a damn again. 😉


Newer Movies That Have Romance:









50 Shades of Grey –

I had a definite debate with myself on if I wanted to call this romance or not. The movie is meant to come across as such. The books are as well, however, it’s also not strictly romance. This one blew up the box offices though, and you’ll find people on either side of the fence about it.

The Notebook

The Notebook –

Where do you even begin with this one!? It’s The Notebook! This was the first Nicholas Sparks movie that I ever realized was a Nicholas Sparks movie. Yeah, sure, that makes me odd… oh well. My mom talked me into watching it because of the clothes! I love vintage… anything. Who knew that that would propel me into the book afterward. Frankly? For me this is one of those that I did like the movie better.









A Walk To Remember –

For me, A Walk To Remember was one of those movies that just stuck with me. I bawled my head off over it. I’d seen it years ago, and didn’t even connect it to Nicholas Sparks. I mean, who was that guy anyway? I’ve never read the book myself. As much as the movie gutted me, I’d almost afraid to!

Book to Movies of Shakespeare’s Works:









10 Things I Hate About You –

I do not know a single girl that I went to Jr. High or High School with that did not see this movie. I loved it! I’ve personally never read Taming of the Shrew, but it’s supposed to be adapted from that. Final note? Um, hello? Heath Ledger!? 😀

G: This was a fun, modern rendition of Taming of the Shrew. Now I read Taming of the Shrew in Jr. high and as much as I now love “shake-spear”, heh heh heh I love Stardust…, anyway he was hard to follow if you weren’t actually watching a play. The movie, in my opinion, kept close to the spirit of the roles of the key characters and made it pleasant to watch.

A: Again! HEATH LEDGER!! <— That’s all I got.









She’s The Man –

I could easily argue that this is one of my favorite movies of all time. She’s The Man was adapted from Shakespeares’ Twelfth Night. Have I ever read that?  No. Have I seen the play? Nope. The movie, however, is hilarious. Where else can you see Channing Tatum with a tampon stuck up his nose? 😛


Books To Movies That Are Romance Dramas:










P.S. I Love You –

Arguably another favorite movie of mine. I can’t actually watch it however because I end up sobbing every single time. Not just little jobs, but huge body wracking ones. I’ve never read the book, I don’t know if I could handle it.









One Day –

Let me just start off by saying, I’m a complete sucker for this movie. No, really, you could write sucker on my forehead in black Sharpie… that is how much this movie hits home for me. Two things I love in books. One is a friends to lovers story, and two is a second chance romance. This movie has both! It’s also another of those that I can’t bring myself to read the actual book.









Bridget Jones Diary –

Call me horrible if you’d like… I forgot this was even a  book originally!









Fried Green Tomatoes –

Do I cry over this movie? Only every single time. I’ve read the book exactly once. I can’t remember much about it, the movie however…. I could quote the thing.









Dances with Wolves –

Most people forget that Dances with Wolves was a book first. I know I did. I’ve only seen the movie myself, and it’s been years since.









The Princess Bride –

As you wish!? Another book to movie that people forget was originally a book. There are so many things I could say about this one, but I’m a huge fan of the movie. I’ll stick with that.


Books That Became Series:










Immortal Instruments –

There is a big debate about this movie in particular. Book or movie, which was better. I liked both? The movie didn’t get as much attention as people figured it would. Casting, maybe? I’m not sure what happened there. It’s now being turned into a TV series, with a completely different cast.









The Vampire Diaries –

Like Gary does with some of the other books, I could completely butcher this one. The TV show is nothing like the books. Not even remotely. Starting off with Elena being BLONDE in the books, with ice blue eyes. The TV series has veered so far from the actual books, that you can’t even call them the same anymore. I do like the show, however! I just have to fully think of the books and the show as two different stories now.










The Shannara Chronicles –

A relatively new TV series, it’s only a few episodes in but the books have been around for ages. The biggest difference I’ve noticed so far? You’re basically dropped into the second book. I have no complaints though, or rants on it.

Titanic Blood And Steel 2012








Outlander –

Guess what? I’m tossing in one that I haven’t seen, nor have I read the book! It’s been on my planned list to see, but my nose is always in a book.









Carolina Moon –

Nora Roberts has a TON of made for TV movies out there. Carolina Moon just happens to be my favorite one. I’m not sure what it is but every time I turn on the TV, I catch one. You can find them at Lifetime Movies. A link to a list of the books that have been made into movies is here.

YA Books That Became Movies:









Twilight Series –

I only threw the first movie pic up there, as you’ll notice, but this is covering all four of the movies. Almost everyone on the planet knows what Twilight is, if they don’t, they haven’t been born yet, or they are living under a rock.

G: Ok, so I am one of the few guys who is still willing to admit that I both read the Twilight series and enjoyed them. That said, the movies sucked to no end starting with casting choices, character renditions, and the annoying need they have of throwing green earth crap into every movie they make these days. The movies did get better as they went on but still. I think they did more harm to the books reputation than anything else.

A: I have nothing against the movies, but I liked the books better. I’m just thankful I read the books first!









Beastly –

Weirdly enough, I’ve read this book probably 20 times. I’m not sure what there is about it, I just love it! I’ve watched the movie a handful of times. For me, I get different things from both of them.









Stardust –

You know those movies you just fall over and into love with? That was Stardust for me. I’ve never read the book.

G: Ok this is one of those rare occurences for me where i liked the movie more than the book. this said the book was not bad. But the movie had a lot more fun with the story and had a in my opinion a happier ending. Heheh Captain Shake-spear….heheh

A: Captain Shake-Spear is one of my favorite parts of this movie!









Ella Enchanted –

This is one of those movies that I can’t pass up on TV. I’ve watched it a million times, and I’ve read the book too!

G: This was a case were Hollywood felt the need to add a bad guy. Where the book was about Ella growing as a person and eventually coming to the decision that her love for Prince Char was so strong that no matter what happened she’d never allow herself to be used to hurt him. The Movie felt the need to kill of Char’s parents, turn him into an idiot and make fun interesting characters, IE the elves Comic relief…… I could rant for a long time on this one……

A: And yet, he still watches it with me!!


Fantasy Books That Became Movies:


Narnia –

I read the first book to the book series ages ago, we are talking, years here. I barely remember it, but the newest movies are ones that I love.

G: Another series of books that has had multiple renditions over the years; some better than others. I greatly enjoyed the new release of these movies and while the old BBC movies were interesting, I think i will always be a fan of the cartoon rendition of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.









Eragon –

All I’ve got is this…. “I suffer without my stone.”. 😛

G: Eragon
They ruined it. End rant.

A:  *Laughing* They  didn’t finish the rest of the movies out, and they released the first movie before the full book series was written. I’m actually glad I saw the movie first in this case, if I’d read the book first, I’d have been ticked. The bad part is, I still want the rest of the movies!









The Hobbit –

I, for one, am grateful that they made this one into a movie trilogy. The book is hugely long, one I can’t actually wrap my own head around to read. It’s probably not true to the book, and I’m sure Gary could tell us a thing or two about that. The movies were exciting for me. They told a story that I can’t actually sit down and focus on enough to get into it.


Lord of the Rings Trilogy –

Goodness. I remember when this first came out and we had to wait forever on the next movie in the trilogy. As with The Hobbit, I’m thankful for the movies. I’d never be able to keep my attention on the book long enough to finish it. It may be hacked up, if you listen to Gary below, but I at least get some of the story. What differs with the books, he’s explained to me in the past.

G: This is one of those movies I have a love hate relationship with. On the one hand it was wonderfully renditioned and it likely brought thousands of new fans to one of the greatest fantasy trilogies ever written……that said as a fan of the books there were some things done in the movie that make me crazy. Starting with the characters Merry and Pippin. The movie turned two of Frodo’s most trusted and loyal friends into a couple of sneak thiefs and trouble makers he ran into on the road. My biggest complaint is what was done to Aragorn/Strider. Aragorn was a strong character who knew his destiny was to become king and knew he would one day stand and take what was his. He kept his ancestors broken sword at his hip and carried it with pride. He did NOT leave it on a pedestal and stand around wishywashy saying “Oh my, I don’t think I’m worthy”. In my opinion the movie changed him into a weakling. I could continue for days on this but I was asked to keep it short…..

A: SMH *facepalms*


Percy Jackson –

I’m sitting here stumped on this one. I loved the book to movie adaptation, but then again, I didn’t personally so it’s hard for me to find things to say about it. I do know that kids love it to some extent. I’ll just refer everything else to Gary below, because I agree with him.

G: This is one of those books like Eragon where they sat down and said, “What can we do to make the sequel novels impossible to make movies about!?” and then made a bunch of unnecessary hack and slash changes to the story…. Unfortunately they didn’t do a bad enough job on the movie and they got a sequel…… Where they successfully butchered it to the point where a third movie won’t even be capable of following The Titans Curse….

A: What he said. ^^^


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