ARC REVIEW: Fighting the Fall by Jennifer Snow (Beyond the Cage #2)


Fighting The Fall (Beyond the Cage #2)
Author: Jennifer Snow
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Sports
Release Date: October 20th, 2015
Published By: Intermix


Hollywood actress Parker Hamilton will do anything to get back in the spotlight. Since breaking up with one of the industry’s most successful directors, she’s been in a string of box office busts. Now, she’s found the role of a lifetime in a film about a female MMA fighter and she knows exactly who to ask for help learning the ropes…

When Tyson Reed sees a blonde bombshell walk into his gym looking for training, he wants to refuse. He knows her type and he doesn’t need any unwanted distractions while preparing for his upcoming title fight. But if he can’t pay off his brother’s debts, Tyson could lose his gym… and the reputation his family has had in the MMA world for three generations.

Tyson never thought he’d be going one-on-one with a spoiled, out-of-shape Hollywood actress. But this is one bout he just may not win—or want to…


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Fighting the Fall is the 2nd book in the Beyond the Cage series by Jennifer Snow. I was surprised with this book because while I liked the first one, I liked this one even more. People that follow my review blog know that one of my biggest pet peeves  in books, is Vegas settings and Fighting the Fall takes place there. However, unlike most books written with a Vegas setting, these ones don’t focus on it. I absolutely loved it, despite that pet peeve!

The story is told primarily from an alternative third person point-of-view between the main characters. It does have an HEA, and no cliffhanger. As with the first book in the series, I enjoyed the author’s writing style. I enjoyed a different take on an fighter style sports romance.

As for the main characters… usually I do tend to favor one over the other but with Parker and Tyson, I didn’t! I would say there is pretty even ground there.

Parker is a determined, stubborn, optimistic and that is just to name a few things. She’s not about to let her career go down in flames. Admirable, is how I’d best describe this character. She fights for what and who she believes in and she goes after what she wants. I love how she was persistent in this book. She sets goals and she knocks them out of the ball park.

Tyson on the other hand, is training for his own big fight. He doesn’t want to, but ends up taking time out of his own schedule to help Parker. His family issues are what kick it off, but before long, he’s in it to support Parker. When she has issues, he talks her down from the ledge she gets on. (I don’t want to go into the issues, it’s something you’ll need to read.) Although he’s standoffish and grouchy at first, you come to find out he’s got a soft center and he is definitely a fixer.

Sparks fly between them instantly, but neither does anything about it. In fact, you would think that Tyson hated Parker, but he doesn’t. He keeps her at arms length as best as he can. Parker on the other hand, doesn’t know what his deal is or why he acts the way he does. It makes for a mild amount of angst but doesn’t over do it and keeps the reading fun.

Sure, you do have a cast of co-stars, but only two really stood out to me in this book. They are great supporting cast though and I am hoping that one of them gets his own book.

Overall, I’m giving Fighting the Fall 4 stars. Do I recommend it? I’d say read it, for sure. Especially if you’ve read the first book in the Beyond the Cage series. Will I be waiting for the next book in the series? You betcha! I danced around waiting for this one!


4 star

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