❃ Random Thursdays ❃ .: Things I randomly think as a book reviewer/blogger. :.

Random Thrusday

This list might get a bit comical. I sat here last night going, “I have no clue what to do my random Thursday over. None of the topics I have listed are anything I want to do right now.”. That led me to coming up with this idea. So below, you’ll find an extremely random list of things I think about, in regards to this blog, daily/weekly/monthly.. every other minute. 😛 Feel free to comment if you can relate.

Whyyyy must these people bother me? I just want to read. No, I don’t want to go to the store!

How many reviews is that I have lined up now?

Hammers should be banned at 8 A.M.!

(When seeing an awesome blog feature) Huh? That looks neat. I wonder how they did that. I’ll try it tomorrow.

(The next day.) Oh wow. Fail, fail, abort, abort! Your attempt is invalid!

(The next day.) Okay maybe I’ll try it the next day.

There is a dog laying on my chest, does he not know I can’t see around his poofy tail? I can’t see my Kindle!

Dinner? But… book. Dinner!? But… boook. Are you coming to dinner?! NO; I’ll starve! *goes back to book*

OH my GOD! They tagged me in a book tag! That looks like so much fun. I’ll do that post ASAP. *Two months later* I still wanna do that post!

I wonder if people can actually read the color of the font on this theme?

(Which leads to.) Should I change my theme? It’s only one color. Nah, you can darken the font.

Do people ever read this stuff anyway!?

My brain just stopped braining.

Ambs, you have more book boyfriends then you have normal friends.

It’s 7:30, how many reviews can I get written between now and 10:30?

Am I even going to sleep tonight?

I miss drinking coffee while writing reviews.

You should give yourself the title of Miss Procrastination today.

Sooo tired, screen is blurring. *drags hands over face*

Need to update this list, and this list, and my planner, and my ARC list. How do I even keep these things straight?

Did I even eat today?

I have three hundred plus books on my Kindle, and not a single one is what I want to read right now.

Do people ever get tired of hearing me rattle on about books? My poor friends.

Hrrm… I seriously wonder how much my grammar is off on this post. I’ll fine tooth comb it later, probably five times.

It’s weekly release day! I have to get that post up. Excuse me while I go sit in a cave for 5 hours changing meta data.

Yay! I have new followers! They like me! They really like me!!

(Telling myself) It’s okay to miss blogging one single day.

(Replying to myself) No, no it’s not.

You have an addiction. Do you ever even close WordPress!? >_> Sure, when I reboot my computer?

So if I have 5 reviews in my queue, I need to get three of them done today.

(When OCD kicks in) You have WAY too many reviews to write to read right now. Why did you do this!?

I just wanted to read!!

Wow! I have swag from an author! This is like, the best thing EVER.

You’re changing the words again. Don’t you know you can’t listen to spotify and write reviews. They don’t need to hear the lyrics that have nothing to do with the book.

Cannot focus! AHH!

Wow, that blog is fantastic! I love the theme!

I need to make note of that book they reviewed! I want to read it!

And finally.. last but certainly not the very least of the random BS that goes on in my brain…

What in the heck am I going to write next week’s Random Thursday post about!?



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