❃ Random Thursdays ❃ .:Books With Playlists or Songs:.

Hey folks!

It’s Thursday again and this one is going to be a bit different again. I sat down with my whole list of topics that I’ve had laid out for my Random Thursday posts and none of them grabbed my attention. So instead I’m going with a post I put on the back burner for awhile.

This post is going to be about the books that you find that have playlists with them, or a certain song in a book that will always transport you back to that book. I personally love books with playlists or songs that stand out! Anyway, it’s a relatively short list, and I wish I could make it longer but I’m one of those people that I can’t think of the song/book until the song comes on. So this list is from the most recent books I’ve read. Please, feel more then free to comment and add books to this list!

I’m starting from the furthest one back I can remember, and oddly I didn’t review every one of these books. Without further ado, the list of books!


Hard To Love You by Megan Smith

I never reviewed this book and I actually LOVED it, but was trying to clean off my Kindle as well as get my TBR list down a bit. There is a certain part in the book where the hero dances with the heroine and because he can’t tell her how he feels, he lets the song speak for him. It becomes their song. Not only is there this song, but if you’ve read a book in this series, you’ll know that each chapter has a song title as the header. Yes, they all relate.

Song: Changed by You – Between the Trees


Tease by Cambria Hebert

This book was hilarious, sweet, suspenseful and just all around good. Another book I loved, and it does have a review on the blog. What I never mentioned in the review is the first song that Harlow ever dances to. It’s actually her audition dance. Well, this is it. Sort of a classic, don’t you think?

Song: Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leopard


The Next Contestant by Dani Evans

I vividly remember this song in this book because for one thing, it’s damn explicit. It’s dirty, it’s wrooong and I still love this song. So when this couple dances to it on the dance floor, the first time they meet, and the hero is mouthing the words in the heroines ear? You know it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Buckle up! It becomes their song, and Kimber later dances to it to prove a point. It ends up insane, and awesome!

Song: Closer by Nine Inch Nails


Fearless by Shae Ross

This book actually has a full playlist that goes with it. I’m not going to put it up on here but I am going to give you the very first song on it. I love the song, and after I got over my peeve with the book, I love the book too! The playlist goes perfectly with the book, I can say that much. You can practically line up each song with different moments in it.

Song: Fight Song by Rachel Platten

That’s it folks. I actually had a few more but I’m not 100% certain on them. For instance, I vaguely remember Taylor Swift’s “Trouble” being used to describe two of the main male characters in Rachel Van Dyken’s Elite Eagles series, but I’m not positive, so I don’t want to add it. There are more aside from that, but these ones I know for absolute certain.

So again, if you have any you want to add, toss them out there!



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