ARC REVIEW: Slow Ride by Cathryn Fox (Playing for Keeps #1)


Slow Ride (Playing for Keeps #1)
Author: Cathryn Fox
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: September 28th, 2015
Published By: Entangled Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 1633753794


He’s looking for love. She’s looking for trouble…

As a successful doctor and weekend cowboy, Chase Cooper enjoys a full life with plenty of female company. But lately, something hasn’t felt right. He’s been distracted. Antsy. Damn it, he’s been lonely. With an eye on settling down with a nice girl, Coop invites his high school best friend down to his ranch to see if maybe she’s the one for him…

Instead, her twin sister shows up. The one who loathes him.

Julia Blair is already halfway to Coop’s ranch when she learns the invitation wasn’t for her, but her vivacious twin sister. She has two choices: slink back home, or see just how far this farce will go. One glance at hotter-than-sin Coop, and she knows she’s playing a dangerously hot game. Because what this cowboy wants, this cowboy gets…


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Slow Ride… does anyone else start singing that as soon as they read those words? I know I do! However, we aren’t here for the song, we are here to talk about the brand new novel Slow Ride by Cathryn Fox. This book starts a new series called Playing for Keeps, it does have an HEA and it can be read as a standalone. Although if you’re like me, you’re probably going to want to find out what happens with our main hero’s buddies. So you’ll be reading the next two. This story in particular is told from a dual third person point-of-view. I also want to note that it took me about two and a half hours to read it, probably less but I’m giving it some leeway. So it’s perfect from a commute, car trip, or plane ride where you’ve got a few hours to lose.

Jumping straight into this book, as I said, it’s short, so there might not seem like a lot of content to go over, but there is more than you’d think. Mind you, I’m going to try to keep this short because too much of it is spoilers and I don’t enjoy those.

Our heroine is a woman named Julia, she’s always felt she was in the shadow of her supermodel twin. Yeah, twin, and they look exactly alike, but she still doesn’t think she’s anywhere near as good as her sister. In high school that was an issue, the one guy she liked, well she pretty much told him he wasn’t her type. Why? Because he’s her sisters best friend! So she grows up, years pass and Julia becomes her own woman. She’s a successful lawyer and firmly on her own to feet.

Coop, our hero in Slow Ride, gets talked into inviting his high school best friend to his dude ranch by his two best friends. One night of drunkenness leads to the three of them wanting to find out if the one who got away is the one for them. Problem is, for Coop, it’s not his best friend, and it never was. He’s always had a thing for Julia, but you don’t take your best friends sister! It’s in the code! So he instantly regrets inviting Julia’s sister out.

It’s a complete shock to both Julia and Coop when she steps off the plane and they see each other. Not what they were expecting and on Julia’s part, she can’t wait to leave again. But Coop doesn’t want her going anywhere, it’s finally his chance to explore what might have been years ago. After some fast talking on Coop’s part, Julia decides to stay for the week. Hah, she needed a vacation anyway. Things transpire from there.

This book is definitely a second chance romance. I liked the characters, and it mainly focuses on these two, what they are going through and a bit of outside situations. You don’t see much in the way of co-stars, and the book is relatively fast. For me, it was a short read, as I stated above. That being the case, a very solid three stars. If it’d had a bit more content, I think I’d have enjoyed it more.


3 star

 **ARC Provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC. in exchange for an honest review.**


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