REVIEW: Tease by Cambria Hebert (Take It Off #2)


Tease (Take It Off #2)
Author: Cambria Hebert
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
Release Date: September 6th, 2013
Published By: Cambria Hebert
ISBN: 1938857267


You can look, but you can’t touch…

Harlow is a broke college student. When her tuition assistance is taken away, she is faced with a choice: admit to her mother she couldn’t hack it on her own or make a lot of money fast.

So she gets a good-paying job.

As a stripper.

She thought it would be easy, but it turn out being sexy is a lot harder than she thought. When a few mishaps work in her favor, she manages to hang on to her job and catch the eye of the Mad Hatter’s best-looking bartender, Cam.

She’s also caught the eye of someone who wants to do more than look, someone who’s decided she’s nothing but a tease.

As the clothes come off, Harlow finds herself caught between list and murder, The only thing she knows for sure is that her new risqué job is a lot more than she bargained for.


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Tease is the second novel in Cambria Hebert’s, Take It Off series. As per usual with Ms. Hebert’s work, this book did not disappoint me. In fact, a good majority of it had me laughing so hard I had a stitch in my side. Even now, thinking back on it, I start to chuckle. Tease, like all the other novels in this series is a stand alone. It is written exclusively in first person from Harlow’s point-of-view, and it does have an HEA.

This book was different for me, because out of all the books I’ve read over the years, I’ve never read one about a stripper. Ever. Lets throw in a desperate college student out to prove her mother wrong, who is a huge klutz, and also a virgin… yes a virgin stripper. Okay I had to see where that went.

I was prepared for all manner of things going into this, but not Harlow. Harlow floored me and I absolutely loved her. She’s not full of herself, or trashy, or any thing like you’d expect. No, she’s actually a good wholesome girl, who literally just needs money for college. She’s stubborn and resourceful, doesn’t want anyone to think she’s failed and so she gets a good paying job. Thing is, it’s only good paying if you can actually “perform”. She has no clue how to do this, and pretty much “wings” it.


I have no .gif for this, just let me refer you here. <– There is cursing, but it’s hilarious.

Cam is the hot bartender, bare chested and bow-tie included. Seriously.. when I first read about him, I had these flashes of the hot guy bartender/male lead from Burlesque with his guy-liner. I’m not complaining! However, Cam is so much  more! He’s a surfer, and a surf board maker… bar-tending is just something he does to make money. He’s ultra manly, but also sweet and caring. Cam notices the train-wreck on stripper heels that is Harlow, before she becomes “Violet” the teasing stripper.


It is full on instant attraction between these two characters. No, not the instant love, but still instant attraction. I actually liked that Cam didn’t look down on Harlow for what she was doing, and instead got to know her and supported her. There is chemistry and it is fog the window steamy.


Of course, not all things are fun and dandy because once Harlow’s act cleans up, with the help of some good friends, she starts to garner attention from her dancing. Odd things take place, particular things of hers begin to disappear and reappear in places she knows she didn’t leave them. Someone is watching from the shadows and Harlow has to decide if the job is actually worth it.

Lets talk about the co-stars for a moment! I can’t say enough about the co-stars in this book, they are a treat and were so much fun to read about. Every single character in this book was complex and well written. The fact that it’s all from Harlow’s POV doesn’t detract from that, and I actually feel that if you can still like these characters and feel as if you know them from a single view point, is credit to the writing itself.

Obviously this book is another five star rating for me. Cambria Hebert has taken to setting the bar extremely high on what I read these days, and she just keeps living up to it, and topping it. I would definitely recommend.


5 star


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