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Heyo Folks!

It’s Thursday! Which means it’s completely full on randomness and this Thursday even more so then usual around here. I have a ton of things going into this post, so I’m going to try to make it concise, and for the most part try not to ramble, and just deliver the dirt. Oh and prepare yourself for pictures! Lots of pictures.

You may be wondering about that title… you’ll literally see all of that in this post, plus more. I didn’t get around to posting last Thursday and I left a note on my New Release post, but I’ll recap here! That however, starts the list of things I’ll be posting about.

You may want to skim to parts that you find interesting so for those people:

Update: General BS
Critters: Birds, Bugs, Critters
Books: What I’ve Read Since Sept 1st.
Swag: Mail Goodies!
The Swing: Outside Project
Coming Soon: Everything Coming up. Changes to the Blog.

UPDATE: Blood Tests, Needles, Pre-Diabetic BS.

As I’m sitting here glowering at my cursor. No, really, I am. I hate blank posts and trying to figure out where to start. I call this gathering my brain. Y’all may have noticed the lack of updates, reviews, and what not lately. This is why. On the 3rd of Sept I had to go in for blood tests. I’ve been tired, lethargic and just not myself. The only thing that wasn’t suffering was from it was this blog, literally. Anyway… let me mention that I’m terrified of needles, to the point that when the nurse took my BP (blood pressure), it was in the stroke levels. (Came home, took it again, it was normal.) Tests results came back on 8th, and I’ve found out I’m pre-diabetic. You think it would stop there, right? No… I’ve spent the last few days researching what I can and can’t eat now, because I’m lucky enough that I can control it through my diet and possibly avoid being full on diabetic at some point.

Here is the crazy part to this. I’ve apparently been pre-diabletic since 2008. I’ve been unknowingly controlling it through my diet since then. I am a health nut, I will admit that, but that pretty much floored me. So, that’s where I am with that, and also why you’re all seeing a lack of posts. I’m trying to screw my head on straight and figure all that out. I’ve also cut out all coffee and soda, which is my go-to for migraines. It hasn’t been pretty. I can’t drink coffee minus sugar, so you can see the problem there, I’m sure. That’s it on that front!


Visitors: Family, Bugs, and Birds! (And Wild Boar and a Racoon!)

On top of  everything else that’s been going on, my older sister, my niece and my great niece came to visit. (I know, it’s hard to believe I have a great niece, or even a niece that’s 22, considering my age.) I spent a lot of time visiting with them, outside, trying to stay awake (lol) and enjoying the sunshine.


That being said… I sat outside for awhile yesterday taking pictures of humming birds. They are thick here… we have at least 20 adult birds, and they are “beefing up” their babies for Winter. I’m not even exaggerating, it’s insane. I figured I’d share the pics. We have three different feeders outside currently, and have to fill them up twice daily.

IMG_4317I took this one yesterday, the rest are from the third, but as you can see.. we have a ton of them. I keep trying to count them, but there are some behind the feeders that you can’t even see. I’m still trying to catch a photo of a baby, they are only about an inch big, and hard to spot because they may be little, but they sure are fast.


I’m sure they’ll be migrating off soon, but until that point, I’m going to enjoy them. On that note, you may be wondering how in the world there are so many humming birds around. Well, I live in the boonies. I don’t just live out of town… I live 26 miles from the closest town, and in a national forest. We have all manner of critters.

This year so far, or actually in the last month, I’ve seen deer and boars and the other little critters that hang out here. By critters, I mean squirrels, skunks, opossums, armadillos (Bahaha, my older sister was on her phone, standing on a chair outside the other night when one of these waddled by. She was telling my Brother-in-Law it was an alien. It wasn’t even bothered by her, just kept on waddling. Silly human, you don’t impress me.), snakes (we’ve killed so many pygmy rattlers this year), tarantulas and if we are going to go into larger critters… Bear and mountain lions. I could probably start a blog just on the wild life, critters and what not I see out here daily. The squirrels alone are hilarious.

Giant Red-headed Centipede

On that topic, and so I’ll stop rambling, this dude/dudette crawled by my mom’s foot last night… and into the siding on the house. My dad had to take off the door frame, trying to get it out. This bad boy is a giant red-headed centipede. They are aggressive, poisonous and pretty darn rare to see in the area I live. This thing is so deceptive looking, it’s incredibly fast, has something like 22 legs if I remember right?

Giant Red-headed Centipede

What does my dad do? He puts it in a mason jar. Talk about gross, but I also want to point out that it’s barely an inch shorter than my foot. I wear an 8 to and 8 and a half in women’s shoes. (Not sure what that conversion is for other countries, but you get my point.) It’s also about an inch wide. That bad boy basically caused a three ring circus last night and we are hoping it didn’t have a mate with a nest somewhere… you know, like… in the walls. Ewwww.

Oh right! I mentioned a racoon and some piggies! Well, lets be frank, they are wild boars and also aggressive. I would not mess with these guys, in fact, I’d run like hell in the other direction. Female sows with babies are bad enough, but male boars will charge you. I could give you details and facts on that, but it’s better if you look that up. Anyway, piggie babies are still cute.

Wild Baby Boar

That’s the best pic I can get of this little guy, or girl. Not sure what it is, I just know I’m not getting closer to it. That’s zoom lens to the max without it blurring. The Sow with it had at least ten babies. I don’t even want to tangle with her and her kids. As you can tell by the time stamp, these were taken last month. I actually think they are gone now. Thank goodness… as cute as they are, I’m was scared to even walk my dog down the road.


Then you have this guy up in the tree just like, “Hey, what’s up?”. He’s just chilling out up there. Fun random note. I have friends who have had raccoons as pets. They can be extremely lovable, and like to cuddle, but at base, it’s still a wild critter and should be treated as one. They can be mean, feisty and what not too. Did I mention that they hiss like a cat? Yeah, they do that.

IMG_4288Last but not least on the critter front, I’ll leave you all with this guy. I’m not sure what he is exactly, but he’s gorgeous. If anyone knows what type of bird it is, (may not even be a male) please let me know!

That concludes the critters of this section. I was going to toss in a photo of my great niece covered in chocolate gravy, but I’ll refrain. She’s the cutest critter yet, but I have other stuff to get to!

BOOKS: Everything I’ve Read Since Sept. 1st.

This is coming up because obviously this is a book review blog… with other stuff randomly thrown in, but at it’s core it’s about the books I read and enjoy. Below is everything I’ve read since the 1st. Some will be reviewed, some already have them, some won’t be reviewed at all, some I’m working on… Some are even ARCs. I’ll make note of it. If you see anything you want reviewed, yell at me and I’ll bump it up.


Tease by Cambria Hebert

I totally loved this book! It will have a full review out , in fact, it’s scheduled for tomorrow! Sneak peek hints. It’s about a girl who is down on her luck, so decides to try her hand a stripping. Problem being? She’s a virgin, who has no clue and has never even stepped foot inside a strip club. I laughed so much at this book in certain parts that I was giggle snorting.

Goodreads Rating: ★★★★★


Present Perfect by Alison G. Bailey

This book already has a review on the blog. I pretty much had to wait three days before I could even review it, the book had me in tears. It’s totally worth the read though.

Goodreads Rating: ★★★★★

The Heat of the Moment

The Heat of the Moment by Katie Rose

You’ll find a review of this one on the blog already also. It was an ARC I had sitting in the pile for ages. Book comes out 22nd if my notes are correct. I’ve had a problem lately with differences in release dates from GR, to Amazon, to NetGalley. None of them match. Anyway!

Goodreads Rating: ★★★★

25834515Kick Push by Jay McLean

Another book I absolutely loved. It has a semi-cliffy, so I’m waiting for the next book. However, it’s one I would highly recommend. I’m still on the fence if I want to review it or not. There are so many good reviews of this book on GR already that I’m not sure I can actually add anything to that. So I’d just tell you to check the GR reviews if you’re curious.

Goodreads Rating: ★★★★★

25952737So Bad by Kelley Harvey

Okay, don’t y’all laugh at me. I actually can’t even remember what this book is about right now. So I have to hop on GR and read the synopsis. AH HA! This book was interesting, it’s about a guy and a girl who have a hate/love relationship. Outside forces kept them apart originally and things progress to where the H became a jerk and does things intentionally to push the h away. This book was actually pretty darn cute. I have no intention of writing a review for it unless someone asks. It was a fluff read I got off of Kindle Unlimited.

Goodreads Rating: ★★★

25874143Can’t Resist Him by Molly McLain

This one will have a review up before too long. It’s actually scheduled for tomorrow also. I got it as an ARC. I’m sort of back and forth on this one but it was a solid read. Read the review tomorrow for more info! 😛

Goodreads Rating: ★★★

20959275Hate To Love You by Elise Alden

This book was.. weird. That’s the best way I can put it. I liked it, but then I really didn’t. It’s def a fence straddler for me. Anyway, there won’t be a review of it unless someone asks. It’s one of those I’d need to sit down and wrap my head around completely and it’d take a few. On that note though, if you can take out the unneeded stuff, the plot is engrossing, and the book is damn angsty. The only other thing you have to do is tolerate the heroine’s younger self. I wanted to put the book down over that girl. I hated her.

Goodreads Rating: ★★★

25686927Him by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy

Oh hold up. Let me fan my face. This book is hot. H.O.T., hot. This is, I believe, the second M/M book I’ve ever read. I don’t mind the genre, but it just doesn’t typically appeal to me. I usually only read it if it’s falls in like with a series I’m reading. However, I heard so many great things about this one, that I was curious. The actual romance story in this, aside from even the plot line is freaking fantastic. I can’t say enough good about this one.

Goodreads Rating: ★★★★★

17408503The Hazards of Skinny Dipping by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Hrrrm, I won’t be doing a full review on this one. Honestly? It just didn’t feel like it had enough content to me. It’s not a bad story, but seriously? I felt a major lack of connection between the main characters. Not just that, but for the first 60% of the book, I didn’t even know who the male lead was. I was confused as hell by it. So my rating went off of the plot that I could find, and that I did understand and figure out.

Goodreads Rating: ★★★

22699673The Next Contestant by Dani Evans

Last but not least, and this book will be getting a review, The Next Contestant. This book was insane! I loved the actual plot to it. I wanted to slap a few people during it and I’m sort of boggled at now no one I know on GR has read this. Seriously, baffled. Anyway, look for the full review!

Goodreads Rating: ★★★★

SWAG: Mail Goodies

Who doesn’t love them some mail goodies? Book swag and what not. If you’re a book lover, you know you love things from your favorite series. This topic isn’t going to be huge, but anyway, below are a few things that arrived in my mail box this week.

IMG_4097Cambria Hebert always sends out book cards if you write reviews for her books when they come out. Frankly, the woman is awesome in general, and I write the reviews because I love doing it… but to get a SIGNED goodie for doing something I love and would have done regardless? SQUEE!! You can find my review of #Poser on the blog.

IMG_4095So not only did that arrive, but then I got goodies in the mail from Shae Ross. This woman is also fantastic, and you’ll find my review of Fearless on the blog as well. I’m still trying to get to Pretty Smart Girls: Lace Up, but it’s fully on my list to read. Within the next few days, actually. I think my favorite part of all of it is the CD. I love the shirt and the hat, but that CD is just awesome. It completely goes with the book!

And yes, there will be a review of Lace Up on the blog before long also. 😀

OH and I have MORE Goodies coming in the mail too. I’ve ordered a Romeo hoodie. Seriously, if you’ve read #Nerd by Cambria Hebert, you know this hoodie. Pics will be posted when it comes in. 😉

THE SWING: Outside Project

96570bf870eb1337dd658b37a2554eb8Y’all remember my very first Random Thursday post about places to read? Well, do you guys remember this palette swing?

I’m currently in the process of gathering all the goodies to make one. It’s going to be my winter project, and who knows, maybe some other things too, so that I’ll have it read for Spring. I’m thinking I’ll end up doing something different on the over head part… possibly a shade cover, or even a harder cover. I’m worried about the random rain storms ruining the padding. I have to find a tree I want to hang it in, shouldn’t be too hard. I just remember saying I’d update anyone if I started on it, and I’m starting on it soon!

COMING SOON: Everything Upcoming and Changes to the Blog

You will probably see some shifting around on the blog before too long. I’m going to be adding buttons up top. I’m trying to fix my social media buttons to something I like. I use a WordPress theme that I’ve customized the crap out of, but I don’t like the social media icons. Not to mention, they stack. I want them side-by-side, it’s driving my OCD insane.

Next thing you’ll notice is that my old In the Queue to Review post that I update frequently is going to have it’s own page. As soon as I can figure out drop down menus, it’ll be up under the Reviews button.

I’m trying to figure out how to get my reviews in an alphabetical order fashion, so they are easier to find. I’ll get it eventually and that will be there too.

I have been brain storming up some things for different types of book happy posts. While I love writing reviews, I get tired of JUST writing reviews. You’re going to see more cover reveals for sure. I’m keeping Random Thursday and I’m considering doing something else as well. My New Release day posts are generally done on Sundays. They take hours, because you have to mess with the meta data, and do it one by one by one. So that’s what you’ll find then.

Posts you’ll see before long, probably within the next few days are the nomination posts, the book tag posts and the burrito bowl post. I haven’t exactly been putting them off, but they are my first “need to get done” thing. However, I’m in the mood to do them, so be prepared.

I want to get back to adding more graphics and gifs and memes to my reviews. It’s part of what makes it fun, it’s just finding the time to get them done. (Or the creativity at the moment.) So posts might take a big longer after I’ve finished the book.

Last but definitely not least, and I know I’m forgetting stuff but who cares, this post is longer than my leg… crap, I typed all that and forgot the last point. *facedesks* Oh! Right! I’m considering looking into Guest Reviewers. If you loooove writing reviews, but don’t want to have your own blog to take care of all the time, feel free to message me on here, GR, email, even FB would work. I can give you details there if you’re interested.

Holy moley, I’m finally done. *flops*


~ Amber


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’d love to live somewhere where I’d be surrounded by nature just like where you live. BUT I really don’t envy you having to deal with all those critters…especially that centipede! 😱I really hope it doesn’t have a mate hiding somewhere nearby.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amber says:

      You and me both. I love love love it here, it’s gorgeous, but the critters are both a drawback and a “Oh wow, that’s neat.”. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve not been able to go running because there are bears out, or someones seen a mountain lion… or this year, the boars. It’s a trade off though, just like most places. 😀


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