ARC REVIEW: The Heat of the Moment by Katie Rose (The Boys of Summer #3)

The Heat of the Moment

The Heat of the Moment (The Boys of Summer #3)
Author: Katie Rose
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Sports
Release Date: September 22nd, 2015
Published By: Loveswept
ISBN: 110188259X


Physical therapist Jessica Hart has learned her lesson: Never date professional athletes. She’s been down that road, and barely recovered after the relationship crashed and burned. Then Jessica meets Gavin King. An All-Star slugger with chiseled good looks, Gavin was traded to the Sonics because he hurt his knee sliding into second, and now his future is in her hands. Gavin’s no bad boy—but he’s tempting enough to make Jessica think twice about all her rules.

Gavin is trying to find a comfortable routine. If he wants his old life back, he must take it easy, stay out of the limelight, and keep his distance from gorgeous redheaded physical therapists. The thing is, Gavin isn’t the kind of guy to sit on his ass and let other people pull his weight. And when he sees something he wants, he can’t help but fight for it, even if it means risking everything, even if it only lasts a single moment: like one kiss from Jessica.


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Yahoo Sports Romances! I was very excited for this book. The Heat of the Moment is the third book in The Boys of Summer series by Katie Rose. Growing up, I was a wee bit boy crazy over baseball players. I mean, between them and surfers, my girly hearthrob world was complete. Anyway, that put this book right up my alley, and before I even started it, I read the previous two books in the series. (You can find the reviews on my blog as well!) The Heat of the Moment does have an HEA, it can be read as a standalone but I think you’d enjoy it more if you’d read the other books, and it’s told from dual first person point-of-views between the main characters.

I went into this book sort of blind and in fact, I didn’t read the synopsis. I had been prepared for who I thought this book was going to be about, and it wasn’t. That left me extremely surprised, but in a good way. In The Heat of the Moment, you meet recently injured and traded from the Dodgers to the Sonics, Gavin King. The trade basically turns his career on it’s head. With his injury, no one wants to take a chance on him, except for the Sonics.

Gavin is one of those characters that I just instantly loved. He’s going through all manner of things, his life is up in the air, he loves baseball and doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to keep playing it. It doesn’t set him on his backside though, he puts his nose to the grindstone and keeps trying. I’d like to call him stubborn, but he’s not. Instead I’ll term his as a hard working hunk with a six pack. On a serious note, he’s a pretty complex character, when nothing seems to be going right for him, he doesn’t curl up in a ball and just die off. He fights back.

Enter Jessica Hart into his life, the Sonics physical therapist. Red-headed, freckled, tomboyish… another character I instantly loved. She’s gorgeous, the guys drool over her and she’s oblivious to it. She has her mind set on helping Gavin recover from his injury, and she’ll drag him out of his dull drums more than once. She doesn’t let him feel sorry for himself. She’s fiery, and feisty, yet has a soft center to her.

There isn’t an instant attraction between these two beyond the acknowledgement of the fact that the other is attractive. They actually start out with a very solid working relationship, which turns into friends and then more. I think I enjoyed that slow burn to the explosive chemistry the most.

The Heat of the Moment was a four star read for me. I only found two actual problems that I had with it and the are mostly minor. In fact, others may not even notice them. The first reason it’s rated lower is because the ending seemed rushed. I got a bit confused at one part because it just seemed to jump and I wasn’t sure how that happened. Even rereading it. The other reason I had was that, while the ending is rushed, if you’ve read the first two books, you’ll realize that the main characters from the first book are getting married. Gavin and Jessica are attending that wedding. It almost felt as if the end of the book was more about the other characters, then the main characters in this book. (Hopefully that makes sense.) All in all though, I’d definitely recommend this book. It’s a great curl up and escape book.


4 star

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