❃ Random Thursdays ❃ My Top Two Book Pet Peeves

Hey folks,

It’s that day again, the one time of the week I get completely random with topics. This week is only going to be a tiny bit different because if you’ll notice in the title, I listed two pet-peeves. You could call these likes or dislikes too, but at the base of them is the literal fact that if book has either of this, it is a struggle for me to read them. They may seem super simple to you at first, but read on and I’ll explain!

On a side note… If you’ve noticed my slowing down in posts over the last week, I’ve been trying to get sick and it’s finally struck. You’re lucky I’m not reading this post to you because I sound like a frog. Instead of actually reading the book when I lay down to read, I end up falling asleep with my Kindle smashed on my face about a chapter in. I don’t generally schedule things, and I write reviews as soon as I’m done reading them books, so just hang with me. I’ll be back to full steam ASAP.

Lets get to the actual post!

Christmas themed books:

This may sound crazy to you, and that’s okay, it’s why I call it a pet-peeve. I literally cannot stand Christmas themed books. In fact, the only time I will read them is if they are part of a series I’m already knee deep into. I’m not Scrooge, I love Christmas, I just hate that from the months of September to January, the whole book market, especially if you read romance, is flooded with Christmas. Call it bah-hum-bug if you will, but I’m also one of those people that hates seeing Christmas stuff out before Halloween

So as you’ve probably guessed, I do read through synopsis’s and find out if it’s going to have anything to do with that. If I read Christmas anything, I don’t care how good the plot is, I’ll put the book down. This is disappointing on my part too, because I know there are a ton of good books that I am missing due to this. I just can’t get through them usually. I love Miracle on 34th Street, but not everything is just going to be absolutely wonderful just because it’s Christmas. Gimme something else! Gah! There is only so much constant Christmas everything that I can handle.

Vegas themed books:

You know what I mean by these, I’m sure. Books that are set in Vegas, or it’s like ‘LETS GO TO VEGAS!” in them. I’m not nearly as bad with these as I am with Christmas books, but Vegas ones drive me bonkers for a different reason. It seems like Vegas is used as an excuse to just be wild and do anything and that’s the plot twist for the character. Oh, we are in Vegas, what happens here stays here. Uh.. yeah, that’s just overdone IMO. It doesn’t mean a character shouldn’t be developed enough to take responsibility for themselves OR that it should be used as a general excuse.

Yes, I have read plenty of books where this has happened, and it’s why I’ve developed this pet-peeve. Again, if it’s part of a series I can deal. If it’s an extremely well written book, I can deal. If the author knows their stuff, I’m all for it. AND if they don’t just use it as an unsupported excuse for their character being a dumbass, I’m all for it.

I’ve seen some book use Atlantic City like this to a degree, but usually it’s well supported. I don’t know what it is about Vegas that changes the standpoint on there, I just know it makes me bananas and I will put a book down over it.

There you have it folks, those are actually the only two things I try to avoid in book recommendations also. I will sometimes take ARCs with Vegas, and I haven’t been disappointed with those yet, but the Christmas stuff is literally my standstill and no go area.

It makes me curious though, what things set you off and can make you stop a book instantly? What settings, plot twists make you want to just throw your book across the room? Let me know!


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