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Hey y’all!

Somehow it’s already Thursday again. My week has been jam packed with reading, two book events and I kid you not, my parents going crazy over wild hogs that have been outside. (That parts actually a bit scary, they are huge, and they charge.) I’ve been working on this post on and off for most of the the and I was going to put a number limit on my series that I love, but I don’t I will. So, in no particular order, listed below are some of the series I absolutely love.

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward – So back in the day, and yeah it makes me feel a little odd to say it like that, but really, back in the day I was roaming through Waldron’s book store (Those are out of business now if that tells you anything.) in the mall. I wanted something different to read and this was before the big huge paranormal romance boom. You could find somethings, but there were only a handful of paranormal romance writers at the time and it was not a large genre. The first novel in the series had just come out, Dark Lover, and I sort of raised my eyebrow at the whole “vampire” bit. It wasn’t the normal type for the trope though, and it has a very complex and developed plot. I bought it, threw it in the pile with the ten other books I had for the week. I didn’t know then that it would turn into a series that I would wait pins and needles on for the next book. It also started a love of paranormal romance for me.


The Hashtag Series by Cambria Hebert – This series is relatively new to me, it’s new adult and one I have just fallen in complete love with. I won’t even lie, I’m absolutely smitten with it. I laugh now to even admit that #Nerd, the first book in the series, sat on my TBR list for close to a full year before I touched it. And I’ve devoured every single book in it now, over the last month. Yes, you do have young adults who start out in college, but you get to see them progress, develop and basically just grow up. They are stacked up against things that even I wonder how they’d handle some time. As with all series I end up loving, this one is immersive and I’ve not read a book in it yet that I don’t love.


Reckless Beat by Eden Summers – Oh boy, this series. It’s about a band called Reckless Beat. When I started reading the first novel, I didn’t honestly have much hope for the book. I didn’t see myself reading past the first book. I was wrong. This series grabbed me and shook me up. I’ve been waiting, rather patiently, somehow, for the next books in the series to come out. These books are hilarious, heartfelt and have damn good plots. Currently expecting two more books that aren’t shown below.


The Breeds by Lora Leigh – Now, y’all… I’m going to just start out by telling you that this series is currently sitting at 29 books long. I’ve been reading it since the third book came out. It has crossed three different publishers to my knowledge. This series crazy popular. It’s under the paranormal branch, but let me break it down. It’s about a group of people, I’m using the word group loosely here, that are born and raised by council of scientists that experiment on them trying to find/make a super solider. They take human DNA and splice it with animal DNA. It doesn’t pan out the way they foresaw it. They call them the Breeds, and they eventually breakout of the labs. These labs are all over the world and the Council has been trying to get them back in, kill them off, or capture them to keep experimenting on them. That’s just the over arching plot, each book has it’s own, and can be read out of order, but I’ve had the most enjoyment reading them in order. Other series have came out that run parallel to it, but Lora Leigh’s goes back to 2003 and was originally on Ellora’s Cave. I’m going to attempt to find a pic of all the book covers, but that may be a bit hard.


The Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian – Yup, the name sort of sounds like the series from above. Let me assure, it is not. It is once again about vampires, but not. When I read paranormal, I need damn good plot. This was the first series I found and fell in love with that had anything to do with vamps after I finished Black Dagger Brotherhood. I’m more than happy it’s still going!


The Callaghan Brothers by Abbie Zanders – A super secret black ops group that consists of one family? Did I mention they all big strapping Irish men? Of course, I had to peek at the first book! I wasn’t expecting much and found so much more. This is a series I’ve been working my way through over the last two years. I actually have two  of the books sitting on my TBR list. I am just enamored with this family. They are fun, the books read well, are written well. The plots tend to be fun, and most the time you have to laugh at the brothers antics.


Brides of the Kindred by Evangeline Anderson – This was actually a series I accidentally stumbled upon. Bored one night, wanted something to read. I did a GR search and bam, Brides of the Kindred. Let me be up front here, this is a Sci-Fi Romance series. I’ve read a few of them, but again, I need good plot. This delivers, and for those not 18+, don’t even pop one open, because the scene’s are def rated R. I was completely intrigued by this race of “Aliens” who needed to repopulate. They do basically what is a “draft” for females to help with this. No, it’s not just because they want to, or because it’s random. You have this huge enemy that likes to destroy life on any planet more-or-less, and Earth is next. So the Kindred who have fought the Scrouge for years and years, have brokered a deal with Earth. It ended up being 100x better than I thought it would and far more interesting. The series is -still- going and I think I’m somewhere at book 12? I believe the series currently stands at 14 books. (You have to read these in order. No stand alones here.)


Cyborg Seduction Series by Laurann Dohner – I figured since I’m already on Sci-Fi Romance, I’ll go ahead and mention this one too. Again, you have a race of “Aliens” that need Earth for something or other. In this case, you don’t see much Earth. They really are cyborgs, have their own planet and so much more, but the plot is what got me. Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone but overall I’ve found they are better when read together. This is also one of those that is completely different then I expected it to be and I was hooked.


Dragonfury by Coreene Callahan – I can’t even find one single bad thing to say about this series and at current, it’s my absolute favorite paranormal series out there. It’s not the norm, it’s not werewolves, vampires or anything like that. Nope, it’s dragons. A race of dragon warriors to be exact. It’s another series I went into, not expecting much, that just blew my mind. From the get go, it’s completely action packed. These books tend to have me on the edge of my seat waiting for what is next.


I believe thats it for now, folks. I know I missing so many I could add, but those were the ones that instantly popped into my head. I’m sure once I go post this I’ll think of five more. If I do, maybe at some point I’ll do another post, maybe not.

What are your favorite series? Have there been any that you’re reading for years. New ones that you love? Let me know in the comments. 😀 I’m always looking for new series to read.


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