.: NetGalley Challenge 2015 :.

Hey folks!

Are you a book lover? Are you an ARC reader? Are you a reviewer, blogger or anything else along those lines that involves book? If you are, then you’ll walk to pay attention to this post. If you’ve already heard about the NetGalley Challenge 2015, then disregard this post. If you haven’t, then please, have a look. 😀

What is the challenge and what exactly does it mean? In the simplest term, it means you’re a book advocate. An advocate for reading and all things books.


What to sign up for the challenge? All you have to do is sign in and share the challenge badge on Twitter and Facebook, as well as your blog.

Challenge Participant

For instance, the above is my badge. 😀 You’ll also find it on my sidebar before too long.

How long does the Challenge run: August 3rd – Sept 4th

What are the perks: Prizes, fun and games, plus so much more!

For more information, content, and to get your own badge. (Or sign up for NetGalley too), head over to http://www.netgalley.com


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