❃ Random Thursdays ❃ My Top 10 Places to Read


I’ve decided I want to shake it up a wee bit around here. So in addition to book reviews, release days, and new releases once a week, I’m going to be throwing in a Random Thursday post. This can be anything, as long as it’s related reading and books. I’ve got quite a few topics and I’ll likely make a graphic for this too down the road.

Anywho, without further ado, below are my Top 10 Places to Read.

1. The Bed


While this is not my bed, I know that the majority of my reading takes place here. There is nothing better to me than falling asleep with a book, or waking up to one. I have a horrible habit of shoving my Kindle under my pillow before sleeping. (P.S. I’m digging those pillows!)

2. The Couch


If my couch looked like this, I might never leave it! On a serious note, I spend most of my time that I am reading, traveling between the bed and the couch. The couch is the one place I don’t fall asleep, so if I’m really into a book, I like to curl up into the corner of it.

3. The Hammock


This hammock is close to what mine does look like! Two trees, in the woods… and while I’d love for it to be roped, it’s not, it’s cloth. There is less of a chance of flipping over in the thing with it being cloth, but it’s not as comfortable. So, lesson in this, if you’re getting a hammock, make it rope. Just watch your backside getting into it. 😉

4. The Big Comfy Chair in the Corner


You know the one I’m talking about. The chair that practically envelops you and half-way recline in it, while still being a chair. The one you can hook your legs over the side of, or if you’re like me, you lay upside down in it with your feet on the wall. Mind you, this is not to be confused with a recliner, when it comes to reading, these are vastly different things.

5. The Porch Swing


Most porch swings don’t look like this, nor are the porches enclosed. Growing up during the summers, I used to sneak out to my Grammie’s gazebo with a book and laze the day away in the swing. It was the closest I got to a porch swing and I loved it. I do have a screened porch now, that’s far larger than this. I may have to see about getting a porch swing out there.

6. The Lake Dock


This is another one of those I had while growing up. I can’t tell you how many countless summers I laid out on that dock with a book in my hands. I’d have stayed there all day if I could have. Well, wait. Correction, I stayed there until my cousin would decide to cannon ball me and I’d run in fear for my book’s life, or until I was close to sunburn. Then I’d trek to a bench under the trees. I still live about two miles from that lake, I’ll have to wander over and get a photo of the dock. 😀

7. The Tree


Seeing this one, you might get the idea that I was a little tree climbing monkey when I was younger. If you thought that, you’d be correct. I’d climb as high as I could, find a comfy spot and read. The breeze would stir the leaves, so you’d hear the rustling and it was the perfect place to hide out.

8. The Beach


This one should be obvious. 😀 I love the beach and the ocean, and nothing suits me more than curling up on a beach towel, or a lounger and reading. Inevitably, the sound of the ocean will soothe me to sleep though, and I end up dozing off. I could tell you some crazy stories about the tan lines that have happened from that.

9. The Blanket Fort


If you never built a blanket fort when you were younger, you’re missing out! These were one of the very best things to do to your room, to completely transform it into a cave of cozy goodness. I did this for years and at one point, my bed even had the appearance that it floated. When you crawled into it, it would seem like you were on a cloud, tucked away into your own little world. (If anyone is curious, I can explain how I did that. Little kids love it.) All manner of magic can be had with a blanket fort!

10. The Pasture


This is one I roam out to during the early fall. I take a blanket, some snacks and bottles of water, and spend a few hours out in the sunshine. An absolutely perfect way to laze away a Sunday afternoon.

Those are my top 10! What are yours? Leave a comment below and let me know! 😀


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I need to make a blanket fort now! These are all awesome places to get lost in a good book! Great post!(:


    1. Amber says:

      Thanks doll! 😀 They all popped up due to them being places I’ve read. OH, and yes, yes, yes, on the blanket fort. Get sheets, hang them from the ceiling. 😉 Putting Christmas lights inside it ends up being pretty neat too!

      Liked by 1 person

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