NEW RELEASES: July 15th – July 21st 2015

Hey Loves!

I’ve tried to gather all of releases I can find for the week within the Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Erotica, Sports, Comedy and Paranormal Genres. This is far from everything that was released so I know I’ve missed some. I’m not sorting them this time again, from what was out last week that I missed and this week. This post -is- late and intentionally at that. Typically I would post on the 15th exactly, but if you’re not aware… the 15th of July was Amazon’s big Prime day. I couldn’t get anything to work or load, so I decided to wait.  Now that it’s mid-week though, I think I might do this more often and wait and post New Releases mid-week because I find more that released for the days specified in the post. 

Clicking on one of the book covers will open the book carousel for you. You can scroll left or right through them all, read the synopsis and at the bottom is a link to amazon to pre-order or buy.  😀 Enjoy and happy reading!!!


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