ARC REVIEW: Drunk on You by Teri Anne Stanley


Drunk On You
Author: Teri Anne Stanley
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: July 21st 2015
Published By: Entangled Publishing, LLC
ISBN: 9781663752603


Undiluted desire, served straight up.

Justin Morgan would happily drown the pain of his injured leg—and the guilt he brought back from Afghanistan—in bourbon. Except, there won’t be any booze if he doesn’t rescue his family’s century-old distillery from financial ruin. The problem? Allie McGrath—youngest daughter of the distillery’s co-owners, and the one woman he can’t have.

Allie has been in love with Justin since…well, she’s always been in love with him. Now he’s home, broken up over the death of her brother, and he needs help. She can fix the distillery—she’s sure of it—but no one’s taking her or her sweet new idea seriously. Convincing Justin is her only hope.

Allie is more tempting than Justin expected, threatening a promise he swore he’d never break. If he can’t keep their attraction under control, there’s a solid chance they’ll send the whole enterprise crumbling to the ground…if he doesn’t crash and burn first.


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Oh sweet, sweet bourbon. Drunk on you is one of those books I instantly was hooked on. Great characters, great supporting characters and a really good, grab a hold of you storyline. For me, it was something different, you don’t typically get to read about bourbon making families these days, so it’s definitely a different trope in that regard. However, it’s also a story about friends who do become lovers.

Justin Morgan has just returned from Afghanistan where he saw his best friend killed. His best friend who is more like a brother to him, and who he has known all his life. His dad is pretty insistent he hang around and take over the bourbon making business like his responsible twin, but that is the farthest thing from Justin’s mind. He’s ready to get out, and get as far away from the family business as he can. The only two things keeping him in place is a really bad sprained ankle and one Miss Allie McGrath, his best friends little sister.


Allie has been in love with Justin for ages, ever since she figured out what love is. He hasn’t exactly been oblivious to her, but he hasn’t really taken a good look at her. At one point, she thought there might have been something more between them, but Justin went and unknowingly blew that idea out of the water. Over the years, Allie’s gotten over him, or so she thinks…. but now he’s home again and she’s fighting for the distillery, while trying to prove to her family that she’s got what it takes to do the job. She’s got an idea but no one will take her seriously but Justin.


These two meet up again in a coat check closet at one of their grandparents anniversaries (Don’t mind the twerking old people.). Things get steamy from that point on. Throw in a good dose of hilarious moments, a dash of heart break, a smidgen of angst-y goodness and you have one perfectly thrown together glass of bourbon. Or in this case, a really good book!!


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