REVIEW: Beyond Affection by Abbie Zanders (Callaghan Brothers #6)


Beyond Affection (Callaghan Brothers #6)
Author: Abbie Zanders
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Suspense
Release Date: March 24th 2015


Shane Callaghan is used to drawing female attention, but this is the first time a woman actually drooled over him.

From the moment he spotted the pretty blonde catching a few Z’s during his lecture, a spark ignited deep in his chest. And each minute he spends with the gentle-hearted Kindergarten teacher only fans the flames.

Lacie McCain is not the type of woman to be easily smitten, but as soon as the gorgeous lawyer turns those beautiful blues her way, she is a goner. His quiet intensity and gentlemanly charm are impossible to resist.

Shane and Lacie are meant to be together. Everyone can see that.

Everyone except the one who is determined to keep them apart.



(Currently FREE on Kindle Unlimited.)


Beyond Affection is the sixth book in Abbie Zanders “Callaghan Brothers” series. It can be read as a standalone, but I would highly suggest starting at the very beginning of the series. You won’t miss much by not starting there, but you will miss out on interaction and the build up to one of the main characters in this book. That being said, as usually, Ms. Zanders has laid out a wonderful story in which I completely lost myself… again.

Shane Callaghan is the thinker of the family. He’s insanely smart, loyal and while quiet, he wears his heart on his sleeve for those he cares about. He’s go head to head with all the bad things in the world if it meant keeping people safe, and he has multiple times. I personally looked forward to Shane’s story, he’s that strong, silent type that you know has a boiling point under the surface. Still water runs deep. 😀

Lacie has heard about Shane and his family before, but she’s never seen him in person. Imagine her surprise when his voice lulls her right to sleep, in the middle of a guest lecture he’s giving. She wakes up to find herself drooling, literally, on the hand of one of the most handsome blue-eyed men she has ever seen in her life. Luckily, Lacie has a great sense of humor and can easily let it roll off her.

Shane is instantly charmed by Lacie, and not really sure why exactly. Lacie is likewise smitten, but that is completely unusual for her. Mind you, this is not love at first sight. She doesn’t normally date and for the last few years has been focused on school, work and trying to find her missing brother. These two remind me of a slow burn, that before you know it, is up in flames. All the kindling is there and it makes for a fabulous read.

Of course, things with the Callaghan’s are never quiet that easy. There are situations and events that I don’t want to go into because they would throw out massive spoilers here, but it’s safe to say, this is a book well worth reading. Especially if you’re a fan of the series or Ms. Zanders books.

You may be wondering, with it being a favorite series of mine, why I rated this a four. Truth be told, while reading it I felt the beginning was rushed in some points. There was also a bit of awkwardness to it in some instances. You’re never fully told (You are shown, it’s just never written word for word.) outright what happens, and so you have to read between the lines for it. Now, that’s not a horrible thing, but some people may not catch on. I know for me, it had to reread a few paragraphs to make sure I was reading what I was. Finally, and this one is very likely a thing mostly on my part, the end felt slightly rushed also. Being that Shane is a favorite of mine, I wanted to see a bit more with the ending. I would still recommend it however!




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