ARC REVIEW: Breaking Her Rules by Jennifer Snow (Beyond the Cage #1)


Breaking Her Rules (Beyond the Cage #1)
Author: Jennifer Snow
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: July 21st 2015
Published By: InterMix


Walker Adams was supposed to follow in his lawyer father’s footsteps, but instead he’s training to be an MMA fighter. And while he works for his chance to make it in the UFC, he’s bunking on his baby sister’s best friend’s couch. Gracie Andrews is all grown up—in all the right places. But she’s engaged to the fight match-maker who holds Walker’s career in his hands…

Gracie had almost convinced herself that she’d put her silly childhood crush on Walker to rest. But the sight of him sleeping in only a pair of boxer briefs makes it clear that some things never change. And as old sparks turn to flames, Gracie is forced to decide between the future she thought she wanted or the man she’s never stopped loving…


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(This book is currently on pre-order via Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Books-A-Million. Release date expected to be July 21st, 2015.)


Breaking Her Rule is one of those middle ground reads for me. There was nothing I disliked about it, but I wasn’t completely in love with it. It is well written, entertaining and an all around good read. I believe, overall, that the synopsis of this one, really sums up the book without giving away any spoilers or leading you to believe it’s more than it is. That too made it enjoyable.

Walker is standup guy who wants to fight in the MMA. He’s hot, sweet, tattooed and has a thing for tall, leggy brunettes. He’s been studying for the last few years to be a lawyer, trying to appease everyone else but himself until the day he decides he’s not going to do it anymore. He wants more out of life than going through the motions. His dad, who expects him to follow in his own footsteps, cuts him off completely. At first I wasn’t sure about this guy, but he grew on me the more I learned about him.

Gracie is that tall, leggy brunette I mentioned earlier. She’s got her head on straight, a job she excels at and a man in her life that she could really just do without. Gracie had a crush on Walker at 12 and it only grew with the years until eventually she thought she was over it. That is until her best friend called with plea for Gracie to help her brother. What could three weeks of letting him bunk on her couch hurt, right? Not much. Until she opens the door and realizes that Walker’s only gotten better looking with time and that her feelings have never truly gone away. With an absentee fiancee who has a better relationship with his phone than Gracie and doesn’t pay her much mind beyond her job, she gets to know Walker all over again.

These two definitely spark when they meet again. Gracie lays out her “rules” and Walker agrees to follow them if they’ll be living together. I mean, how much could they really bother each other with both having jobs and Walker training all the time? It’s not a huge explosion, although the chemistry is very obviously there, think of it like a slow burn. They are both working though things, Gracie with her job and fiancee, and Walker with his training, upcoming fight and his father.

This book never lagged out for me, it never seemed rushed or had some of the awkward situations that sometimes creep into a book. I gave it a solid three stars. I liked it, a lot. I thought the supporting cast was great too and I’m excited to see spinoffs for other characters from this book.



ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Coco says:

    This just makes my MMA-hero loving heart all a flutter!! 💓💓💓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amber says:

      I loved it!! 😀 (Seriously though, the MMA part isn’t the sole focus, or not seemingly, but it does a play a big part. ) Pretty sure I was clapping like a loon at the end of this. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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