REVIEW: The Tornado by Missy Blue


NOTE: THIS IS NOT A BOOK! Missy Blue is not a writer. The Tornado was plagiarized and stolen from the fan fiction “In the Land of God and Monsters” by Wynter S Komen. You can find her links below.

I’ve left this review up for Wynter, and  because I did go read In the Land of Gods and Monsters. <— That story deserves a 5 star rating and I hope she writes more in the future. Parts of The Tornado were changed, and I mean small parts by Missy Blue, but it is still Wynter’s story and writing.

The Tornado
Author: Missy Blue
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
Release Date: April 13th 2015


A once gifted ballet dancer chained to the demons of her past, Jewel is broken and can no longer dance, her dream torn away from her. Determined to not lie down and die, she takes up the fight, disguising herself as a man, and dares to enter… The Tornado’s testosterone-fueled boxing gym.

An ex-Marine turned MMA fighter, living in the shadow of his tragic past, Asher “The Tornado” Prince only wants to keep his head in the game, turning any man who enters the ring into dust. His temper is hotter than a branding iron, keeping everyone at arm’s length for good reason. He is all tattooed muscle, blood, sweat, and anyone who dares to cross his path, he’ll leave them in tears.

But one night is all it takes. One look is all it takes. Two broken souls find love in the unlikeliest of places.

Jewel wants out of her dark world, and she faces the fight of her life to get there. But she won’t do it alone. When Asher discovers that the skinny little kid who comes to his gym every night is a beautiful young woman, nobody will dare touch her again. They call him The Tornado, and Jewel finds out fast why he lives up to his hard-hitting, bone-crunching name. But when he proves to be the tornado to her demons, he also becomes the shelter to her storm.

And in the end, he will give up his dream, only so that he can… save hers.



Currently FREE on Kindle Unlimited!


The Tornado is a book I got off Kindle Unlimited… I was thinking, “Eh, it’s free right now, why not?” Um.. Hello! I absolutely made a good choice that day. For myself, this book was perfect. I went into it thinking it was just another MMA novel, yada yada. No actual high hopes. However, I’m floored by the characters in this book, enamored would be a better word. They have well developed personalities, and you have a straightforward love story here. There is no cheating, there is no enemies-to-friends, no cliffhangers and the characters just mesh well. I basically heaved the biggest happy sigh ever after reading this.


Let me start with Jewel, because once I get started on Asher, it may take me awhile. I’ll probably gush on about him for ages. Well, maybe. Anyway, I completely digress, lets focus on Jewel. This woman hasn’t had it easy, and it’s not your general run of them family issues either. In fact, her family is great, as are her friends and most of the people around her. No, she was put through what I’m going to call a severe assault, without giving any spoilers there. (The details on this are minor but for those who have a twitch reading such things, you might want to stay clear.) She hasn’t let that keep her down though and she fights to keep her head afloat. This chick has backbone, and it’s done in a way so that it’s not annoying. I really haven’t enjoyed a heroine this much in awhile.


“I’m here for you. You, Jewel. You. You are my world. If you break, I break. I you die, I die.” – Asher

Asher “The Tornado” Prince, is in fact, a prince among men. Not royalty per-say, but this guy just has it locked down. He’s confident in himself, knows what he wants and goes after it without coming off like an alpha-hole. He hasn’t had it easy either, but the past has shaped him into what and who he is. The depth to this hero and what he would do for someone he cares about blew me away. He’s this big, muscled guy, who beats the crap out of people for a living… and yet with Jewel he is a complete teddy bear. He’s sweet, kind, compassionate and lets not forget sexy as all get out. He doesn’t push Jewel to reveal her past. He’s respectful of her family and understands her need to be with them. I’m just going to stop myself there, or this will go on for ages.


“They call me The Tornado. But for you, Jewel, I want to be the shelter in your storm.” – Asher


The part that struck me as funny to this is that Asher sees Jewel everyday, for weeks and he thinks she’s a -boy-. She trudges into the gym in huge clothes, her head covered by a hat and a hood and beats the heck out of a punching bag nightly. Not exactly the best of ways to meet. She doesn’t talk to anyone, and keeps to herself. Once Asher figures out that she’s female, things spark off quickly. He finds her gorgeous regardless of what she’s in, and prefers the sweats and workout clothes the her all dolled up. That’s the “real” Jewel, according to Asher. As for Jewel, she was never under the misconception that Asher was anything but what he is. She’s been crushing on him and watching him this whole time unbeknownst to Asher. She thinks he’s this big, brash guy before she gets to know him and finds out there is so much more then what is on the surface. Still waters run deep, right?

This one is going on my favorites for the year. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great story without any of the mess that is usually involved in them. Sure, there are problems, issues and things to overcome, but it’s solid.

“I want to be the man who send you off to sleep feeling safe and loved, Jewel. Wake up feeling safe and loved. But I can’t do that unless you let me know where the hurt is.” – Asher



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  1. Coco says:

    Some like the biker heroes, I ❤️ the mma fighters — even more if they’re sweet and tender with their heroine!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amber says:

      Fully agree with you there, Ms. Coco! I don’t have a preference myself in heroes, or it may be that I’ve just not found the niche of them that I like the most. 😀


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