REVIEW: Innocent Ink by Ranae Rose (Inked in the Steel City #2)


Innocent Ink (Inked in the Steel City #2)
Author: Ranae Rose
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: May 27th 2013
Published By: Createspace Independent Publishing
ISBN: 148494769X
ISBN13: 9781484947692


Photographing exceptional tattoos for the Hot Ink Tattoo Studio turns into much more than just a job when Karen meets Jed, the sexy-as-sin owner. With attraction sizzling between them, each photo shoot is a labor of love … and a chance to get closer to the man of her increasingly naughty dreams.

Curvy, vivacious Karen is everything Jed would want in a woman, if he wanted one at all. But a relationship seems like too dangerous a gamble for someone who’s loved before and suffered the ultimate loss. So why can’t he resist when he discovers the attraction is mutual? Even if he were willing to risk everything again, Karen’s too young, too full of life to be burdened with someone whose heart bears scars as permanent as the ink in his skin.

When the two finally face what lies between them, the passion is undeniably real, but will the unexpected extinguish the spark of their love, or fan the flames?


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Innocent Ink is the second book in the Inked in the Steel City series by Ranae Rose. Usually I don’t have book boyfriends, but this book and Jed… he would completely qualify. The story is well written and perfect for curling up next to a window on a rainy day and reading. The book is not overwhelming, nor is it underwhelming. It hits that middle ground of being just right, so that you want to keep reading and find out where the characters go.

You meet Karen in the first book of the series, she’s the main characters best friend. I’m excited she got her own book because she’s just vivacious. So full of life and encouragement to others around her, even though she’s not always in the best of circumstances herself. She starts taking photos for Hot Ink and meets Jed, then lusts after him for half a year.

Jed is that strong, silent type. He has is own company, he’s successful, but for some reason, thinks that Karen is completely out of his league. He fights the attraction between them but inevitably, they hook up. It’s really only one night, right? What could go wrong with that? Oh so much.

I love the story between these two, I can’t state that enough. It’s a great HEA and I’ll be honest for a few there, I was actually worried. All in all, great characters, great supporting characters and the connections between them are written perfectly. You tend to get not only a sense of the main characters, but also their friends. It is perfect for spreading out further into the series. I can’t wait to dive into the rest. A very solid three stars from me!



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