REVIEW: Married to the Bad Boy by Vanessa Waltz


Married to the Bad Boy
Author: Vanessa Waltz
Genre: Romance
Release Date: March 2nd 2015
Published By: Createspace
ISBN-10: 1508726248
ISBN-13: 978-1508726241


No one in their right mind marries a bad boy…

I’m a player. A man-whore. Whatever the hell you want to call it, I get around. During the day, I crack heads and extort businesses. At night, I find girls to f*ck. I live to hear them moan for me, but one night is all they get. No one ever made me want more. Until her.
The moment her lips wrapped around me, I was done. All day, I think about running my tongue all over those curves.
Too bad those curves are off limits. She’s running from a man who will kill me for touching her.
Well, she’s tired of running and needs my help.
She thinks I’m doing it for money.
I’m doing it to make her mine.



(Currently FREE with Kindle Unlimited)


If you like smooth talking, unrepentant bad boys with filthy mouths, you will like this book. I was pleasantly surprised with it myself. Anything with a mafia setting is not something I would normally pick up, but it was free on Kindle and a short book, so I figured, why not?

Tony describes himself as a man-whore and there is no doubt about it, he is one. He jumps from woman to woman, it’s pretty clear that before Elena, his life is nothing but mafia jobs, bars, booze and woman. So surprise of all surprises, he meets Elena and can’t seem to get her out of his head. Even covered in bruises, he thinks she’s the best thing he’s ever seen.

Elena is a mafia princess. When your daddy is the boss, you don’t worry about much. But when your daddy gets killed (or whacked as they like to say), you’re no longer held in the same place that you were. You’re touchable. She’s been living with her boyfriend for awhile, but after her dad dies, he starts abusing her. Elena is a pretty strong character, she doesn’t take much from anyone, so she runs.

Elena ends up in the same bar as Tony and asks him to help her. He refuses her, he can’t go against his boss. When push comes to shove, and there are no other options left, she talks him into marrying her, to keep her safe from her ex. She thinks he’s doing it for the money,  but it slowly starts to change, and he no longer is.

These two characters had instant chemistry and were actually pretty well written. You got a sense that it was a slow build, and for both of them, they didn’t go into this with the intention of falling for each other. She’s on the run, and he’s basically her only option. Elena’s personality was interesting, she wasn’t your typical spoiled daddy’s little girl, she understood that she still had to take care of herself, no matter what, and she did.

This book for me was a solid three stars. Well written, good characters, seems like it’s well researched but not my typical read, and so maybe that plays into it? Not completely memorable for me, but still a good read.



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