REVIEW: Hate F*@K – Part 3 by Ainsley Booth (The Horus Group #3)


Hate F*@K – Part 3 (The Horus Group #3)
Author: Ainsley Booth
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Contemporary
Release Date: April 28th 2015
Published By: Ainsley Booth


In the blink of an eye, everything changed, and I can’t pretend I don’t need Cole anymore.
He’s my heart and soul, but he’s shut me out, and I’m scared.

Keeping Hailey at arms’ length used to be an annoying challenge. Now it’s a matter of life and death.
I want vengeance. And then I want Hailey to be mine, forever.



(Currently FREE with Kindle Unlimited.)


After the first two books, this book surprised me. This is the third book in the Hate F*@K series by Ainsley Booth, these definitely cannot be read as stand alone books. I personally think it needs to be one book and not broken up over there. There is too much information that would be helpful in the first book, that you get in the second one and so forth. If you haven’t read my reviews of the first and second books, I would suggest it as my opinions tie in. (You’ll also get cliffhanger spoilers. Sorry!)

Now, I can’t even jest in this, Hailey annoys the ever loving hell out of me in the first book, got tolerable in the second book.. and that was because you progressed from ‘He is, therefor I hate him.” reasoning. You were actually given reasons. In this book? She flat out floored me, but in a “Oh my word, she’s finally learned to “adult”” way. I had a very hard time understanding why Cole would even put up with her at some points, but she redeems herself in the third book. I suppose being kidnapped and having to fight your way out of it will do that quickly… although her reaction after seemed a bit odd to me. You were just massively traumatized, more or less, but hey, lets go boff like wild monkeys. Nope, I don’t buy into that. Trust Cole to know though, that she’d have a breakdown eventually. As for Hailey’s general attitude about his job, and the communication issues between the pair, those -finally- clear up. I’m thinking that’s is in big part due to the fact that she realizes she can trust him.

Cole on the other hand, is still strong and steady. He seems to know what Hailey needs, before she even needs it. I kinda wanna reach out and just squish his cheeks from time to time, because he really is this sweet guy, who thinks he’s not. He thinks he’s all wrong for Hailey and just not good enough for her. He couldn’t be more wrong. Cole equates his job to Hailey ending up in bad situations. (With her family, they’d have been in the if she knew him or not.)

This third and last book is really about them coming together, and smoothing out the edges of their relationship. They battle some bad guys, end up in some interesting situations, and the Horus group as a whole come to a big decision. I gave this one a three star rating because some of the stuff was over done. I don’t like the fact that Hailey comes off like a whiny, petulant child for the first two books and then she’s somehow superwoman in the third. (It’s almost like reading a different character.) So, problems with some of the plot for me and the main heroine but still enjoyable.

Overall, the series was interesting. If you’re looking for something with twist plots and cliffhangers, then you might try this one. Don’t get too caught up in the name of the books though. I’m still not connecting the name to what I read, and it comes off more like an attention grabber so that you’ll read the series, rather then anything else.



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