REVIEW: Crave by Sierra Cartwright (Bonds #1)


Crave (Bonds #1)
Author: Sierra Carthwright
Genre: Erotica, Adult Romance, Contemporary
Release Date: May 30th 2014
Published By: Totally Bound
ISBN13: 9781784300289


 She still craved him… The sight of a collar in her boyfriend’s drawer had stunned Sarah. Panicking, she had fled. But no other man has ever been his equal.

Two years ago, the woman he’d hoped to collar and marry disappeared. So Reece McRae is stunned to find his former girlfriend on her knees, behaving as the submissive he’d always wanted.

Is it too late? He should refuse her, but an undeniable sexual attraction consumes him.

Sarah had been under Reece’s spell from the moment she met him. When she found a steel collar in his drawer, she panicked. The idea of a lifetime of his relentless demands, sensual and otherwise, suffocated her.

In the years they’ve been apart, she hasn’t met his equal. Now, convinced one last night will vanquish his memory, she sets out to seduce him.

The Reece she returns to is even more determined to have his way. Is she now strong enough, brave enough, to surrender to his love?

Reader Advisory: This book contains sensual torment, flogging, anal sex and sex in public.


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Second chance romances are one of my favorite types of books to read. This one is definitely that, but I had a hard time connecting with the characters until midway through the book.

Sarah wants Reece back, it’s that simple and so she employs a close friend of his to help her make it happen. This is it the girl that ran from him two years. Her reaction to finding the collar in his drawer was, in my opinion, not over done. She knew how he felt about her, but she’s just too young at that point for it to compute in her head. She only wants him for one night, get him out of her system.

Reece on the other hand, is rush in, storm the castle, all of that. He doesn’t understand at all why she ran, so not only is he stunned, he’s ticked off and resentful. Is that enough to send her away? No. He still wants her for his own.

These two struggle back and forth, and the biggest thing I noticed was they have serious communication problems. If they had communicated, she’d have never run. If they’d have communicated, he wouldn’t be so upset about everything. Then again, if they’d communicated, we’d never have this book! Or we might, but it’d be completely different. 😉

They both needed to grow individually before they can make it work.

My overall rating for this book would be a solid 3. I did like it. It is well written, but for me it’s not memorable. The characters don’t stick out to me, save for their issues, and they develop slowly connection wise, but yet.. they have a past, so they should -have- a connection. It just wasn’t there for me. It’s a good, fluffy read when you want to diverge from other genres for a bit.




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