REVIEW: Kellion by Marian Tee (Heart Racer #6)


Kellion (Heart Racer #6)
Author: Marian Tee
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: December 12th 2014 
Published By: Jaded Speck Publishing


His name is Kellion. Beautiful. Wicked. Dashing. Alive. That’s what attracted me the most about him – that he’s so full of life, it makes me feel like I’m not dead inside.
I thought he was just like all the other bikers of the Afxisi, America’s most popular and exclusive underground racing club. Someone too rich, too gorgeous for his own good, someone too full of himself to be human.
But then I saw a secret side of him. Realized that he had just been pretending all along. Realized that he needed me, and that broken part of him drew me in, like a moth to a flame.
Now, I want to be the one to make him smile. Really smile, and not like all those fake smiles he used to make the girls around him fall in love.
I want to make him think of me, just me. I want to belong to him, just him. But most of all, I want him to know I love him. Not the biker, not the billionaire’s son, not the hot guy. But him. Kellion.
Even if his smile tells me he’ll end up tearing me apart, I need him to know he’s not alone. I’m his to love or destroy. Whatever he wants – I’m his.


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God. This. Biker.

That phrase has never been said or used in so many different ways, or to inflect so many different emotions. Especially since Aria doesn’t speak all that much. It CAN be annoying. Despite that, and my going between laughing at it, rolling my eyes or just sighing, I really enjoyed this book. Am I surprised? Hell yes. I was extremely hesitant to even pick it up after the last book in the series.

Kellion, a total bad boy, most of it real, some of it not but you find out that he puts himself out there for people he cares about and Aria amused me to no end (She’s almost like reading about an indignant kitten with all her fur puffed out. Which Kellion finds amusing. To quote her friend KC, “Just be grumpy.”.), both have issues that need to be worked through and it was nice to see it happen.

I did fear that Ms. Tee was going to leave us with another cliffy and I almost screamed about about that. I didn’t want to see these two characters have a story drug out over three books like the last pair. Just let them be happy, they really did have enough issues getting TO that point. And damnit, I’m ready to hear about Hallie and Andreus already! 😉



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